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Unit 1 Review

No description

Amber Westendorf

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of Unit 1 Review

Unit Review
US History Unit 1

12. Salem Witch Trials
13. Great Awakening
14. Boston Massacre
15. Boston Tea Party
16. Jamestown
18. Common Sense
19. Weakness of the Articles of Confederation
20. Shays Rebellion
21. Constitution
22. Representation in Congress
23. Fed/AntiFed
24. Separation of powers/checks and balances
25. Bill of rights (know all 10)

1. Why the colonists opposed the Stamp Act
2. The secret society to terrorize British tax stamp agents
D of Ind- Purpose
4. Enlightenment and political thought in the colonies
5. British -American relations after the French and Indian War
6. Early Democratic ideas
7. Jefferson borrowed from Locke
8. English Bill of Rights
Mayflower Compact
Virginia House of Burgesses
D of I parts
1. Democracy
2. Enlightenment
3.English Bill of Rights
4. Puritans
5. Virginia House of Burgesses
6. Great Awakening
7. Unalienable Rights
8. Articles of Confederation
9. Shays Rebellion
10. Federalists
11. Anti-federalist
12. Amendment
13. Ratify

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