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What is Teaching Really Like?

No description

Emily Togher

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of What is Teaching Really Like?

What is Teaching Really Like?
10 Week Practicum
Your 10 week practicum aims:

1. Finish with employment
2. Finish with a mentor who will support you in your career
Interview Preparation
Know your school
Know the schools terminology
Be honest in your resume
Be honest in your skills
Take a folder of information to your interviews
Always dress to suit the school
Always arrive early
Go in being yourself and relaxed
Preparing for the First Day/Week
What on earth am I going to wear!
Common Interview Questions
Tell us a moment you felt most proud and why?
Tell us about one lesson that didn't go to plan and why? How did you over come this?
What is different about teaching girls/boys?
What are your strengths as a teacher?
What is your greatest weakness as a teacher?
As you may know our school is of the Catholic/Anglican etc. faith, are you willing to uphold our religious ethos?
If I walked into your classroom during an outstanding lesson what would be happening?
What drew you to applying for this position? Why do you want to work at ....
Explain to us a successful behaviour management strategy you have used in the past that helped engage a pupil or group of pupils?
What are the key qualities and skills that students look for in their teachers?
What made you choose to be a teacher?
Why did you choose to be a .... teacher. Why is it important to teach ... in our schools?
10 Week Job Interview
Applying for a Job
Catholic Education Office:

Department of Education & Communities:

Private Schools:
Sydney Morning Herald & www.teachers.on.net
Where to start looking?
Employment Requirements

Conditional Accreditation - BOSTES

CEO - Application to teach

DEC - Approval to teach
(Must have completed final practicum)
(3rd & 4th year students)
Step One:
Step Two:
Advice for your Practicum
"When on prac make sure you observe as many different subjects as possible because as a casual you teach all subjects"
Pauline Keogh
"Your body language will change the way you feel about yourself as a teacher and the way your students perceive you"
- Michelle Montgomery
"Every group of students is different and one behaviour management technique will not always work on all classes. Don't be afraid to try different techniques until you have found what works for you"
- Sofia Karageorgias
"Take every day as it comes and be happy with any small victories."
- Sofia Karageorgias
"Learn what you can during prac and don't worry about the complete feeling of control. When you are out there as a teacher, that's when you truly begin to become who you envisioned to be in the classroom"
- Brittany Walker
"Your first lesson with your new class should always address your expectations as a teacher: Expectations of their behaviour, their academic achievement and their interactions with their peers. If you do not set these expectations how can the students succeed?"
- Katrina Wilkins
Consistency is key!
Be consistent with your behaviour management, disipline and expectations
- Kate Sonter
ALL students want and need guidelines and a teacher that is fair
- Katrina Wilkins
"Don't be afriad to ask for help, even if you need the help while your teaching"
- Jessica Hill
Emily Togher
You're finally a real teacher.... Now what?
The process of becoming a teacher
Are my students going to like me?
Am I going to like my students?
What if I am no good!!
What if I do something wrong?
What am I going to teach?
Should I be teaching a certain way?
What time should I arrive to school?
What if I am forgetting something?
How should I start of my first lesson?
Preparing for the First Day
Wear what you feel happy in. Ensure your clothing fits with the dress code and what is appropriate to your classroom environment.

"An early bird catches the worm"

Prepare lesson and lesson resources in advance

Don't forget to plan your classroom expectations

Once arrived at school check the days schedule to ensure there are no special events
Just breath and relax, your students will have no clue that your first day of school is actually the first day of your career. For all they know you have just come from another school
What if my students know I am brand new
NOTE: You will never be able avoid the mountains of questions from your students in regards to your teaching career and personal life
NOTE: "No question is a silly question" - We teach this to our students so practice what you preach, ASK SOMEONE!!
Before the Term Begins
This is your time to ask your questions, no matter how many you have.
What usually happens:
Orientation day
Faculty time
Request time with your head of department
The Dreaded Parent Teacher Interviews
Its much easier than you think
But lets be honest, your first parent teacher interviews are always going to be a little scary
Step One
Introduce yourself
- Always stand to greet the parents and shake hands

Step Two
Briefly outline what their child is doing at the moment in the subject and what units they have already covered

Step Three
Explain what their child is doing well in the subject

Step Four
Explain how their child can improve in the subject
- Ensure you have a copy of the childs assessment feedback with you
Four Step Guide to Surviving a Parent Teacher Interview
NOTE: Not all meetings go to plan but most parents will be very polite face to face
"Before we begin we just wanted to start by explaining that
we understand you are band new
to the profession and that you will require a lot of support. Our belief at St Catherine's is that
a good teacher not rely on the amount of years teaching experience you have"
"I wish I knew that just because a school teaches a certain subject it does not mean that they have a program, scope and sequence or resources available. You may may walk in just like me and have to create everything from scratch. But once you create them and put them into practice it's very rewarding"
- April Fonseca
Expectations will vary from school to school, the best way to understand what is expected of you is to ask. And ask in advance of the term beginning
Common expectations include:
Being a contributing member to your faculty

Marking your students assessment tasks or sharing the load and marking a year group

Writing your students reports

Contributing to the improvement of previous programs and units of work

Writing new programs and units of work
I wish I knew how hilarious kids could be and that they can make you smile and laugh every single day! I wish I knew how amazing it is to be working with like-minded teachers everyday who quickly become your best friends, worst nightmares and your family because you spend so much time in your little second home, the staffroom. I wish I knew how much there is still to learn after uni and that you will never stop learning from both students and teachers.
- Simone Lees
Your practicum mentor is not your friend, they are your colleague
- Emily Togher
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