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NEVRON d.o.o.

No description

Primož Šolar

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of NEVRON d.o.o.

NEVRON MY WORK creating interactivities in Adobe Flash finalizing photos in Adobe Photoshop programing in ActionScript 3.o (part of Flash) working with XML my workplace My work at Nevron d.o.o. The company is located in Stegne in Ljubljana
in the third floor of Telekom Slovenije.
In these days the company is moving to a new location - in Škofja Loka. Nevron is a small company (4-7 employees).
The main products of the company are e-educations for children
and several language courses for adults.
They have national and international expiriences in producing e-learnings. Some of the references (Socrates, @bc, Central Evropean Iniciative, Vseživljensko učenje Leonardo...) Several other applications and programs in which I worked:
- Dropbox (online backup/sharing service)
- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel...)
- Google Docs (online service for sharing documents)
- chat programs (Google Talk, MSN)
- Flash Converter
- PS Pad (useful XML editor)
- Windows Movie Maker
- Adobe Audition (for sound editing)
- .... I was working on two e-educations called
"Spoznavanje okolja" for children and "e-Športna Vzgoja" for students.
At first I got scenario (a Word document) and than I design an Adobe Flash document with interactivities such as drag & drop, on click, on roll ... Spoznavanje okolja e - Športna Vzgoja Pros/cons working in Nevron:
+ relaxing environment
+ I learned a lot
+ this is the type of work I want to do in future
- independent work
- distance to Ljubljana - director Rok Kokalj (owner) - programer Simon Bergant (co-owner) - my mentor Nejc Dulmin
- project leader and support for cilents
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