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Food waste

No description

Tamara Perabo

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Food waste

I will list the reasons people travel.
I will identify the trends in tourism.

Success Criteria
Participate in group work
View and complete PowerPoint handout
Read and respond to questions.

Learning Goals


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=215M0LikcQA 3:19

Bon Voyage!

Poor health may keep people from travelling.

3. Health

The cost of travel competes with other financial commitments, such as a mortgage (or rent), utility bills, car payments, etc.
When fuel costs rise, people cut back on trips.

1. Cost

Offers the chance to experience challenge and adventure.
Participate in something completely “different”.
Usually strenuous physical
activity, such as rock climbing.

7. Adventure

The chance to experience different cultures and languages.
Sightseeing trips, educational trips
Drama, music, and religious attractions

5. Cultural

Specialty Travel –
“Once in a lifetime” travel.

Destinations include the Olympics, cruises, religious pilgrimages.

Social and Family
Visiting friends and relatives, referred to as “VFR Tourism”.
Often involves other travel motivators, relaxation, or recreation travel.

People who visit one location for at least 24 hours (overnight) but for less than a year

What is a tourist?

Today’s Agenda
Review yesterday’s work
Group work – finish
Power point
Read and respond.

What is Travel and Tourism?

Political conflicts or high crime may discourage people from travelling.
A fear of travelling on airplanes, trains, or cars.

7. Fear

People may have other interests or are not interested in travelling.

6. Lack of Interest

Severe winter weather can keep people from travelling.
Tourists to the tropics tend to avoid hurricane season.

4. Weather

People have jobs, family and other commitments that limit time for travel.

2. Time

“Travel Barriers”
factors that make it difficult to travel or force someone to stay at home.

What Prevents Travel?

Relaxation and Recreation
Enjoyment and relaxation at places involving the sun, beautiful scenery, warm oceans,
skiing, golf, etc.

Why do People Travel? “Travel Motivators”

“Travel Motivators”
– reasons people travel

Why do People Travel?

I like to travel because……..

Why do you like to travel?

Travelers who stay in a location for fewer than 24 hours

What is a same-day visitor?

Write down three trips to different places that you have traveled over the last 5 years.

Beside the trip, write down the main motivator to why you traveled there.

Can you think of why you traveled?

Parents with young children may not travel because of the inconvenience or cost.
Certain types of travel is avoided with young children, e.g. white water rafting

5. Family Stage

Enjoyment of wildlife and nature.
Photo safaris, diving at coral reefs, and ecotourism.
Game reserves in Africa, national parks in Canada, and tours of Antarctica

7. Environment

Business travel, conventions, conferences, and trade shows.
Meetings with business partners, suppliers and customers.

4. Business and Work







Which photograph(s) would represent tourism? List the type of travel.

Tourism is travel for recreational or leisure purposes

What makes travel turn into tourism?

v. trav·eled or trav·elled, trav·el·ing or trav·el·ling, trav·els

To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey

What is travel?


What words do you associate with tourism?

What is Travel and Tourism?
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