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Copy of Mawi Asgedom

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Kristy Pons

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Mawi Asgedom

Books Mawi Has Written
Mawi Asgedom Today
Is a former Ethiopian refugee who has inspired millions through his story
Born in Adi Wahla, Ethiopia on September 29, 1976
35 years old
Lives in Wheaton, Illinois
Wife: Erin
Son: Sawyer Tewolde, 3
Daugther: Brynn, 1
• Has written six best-selling books.
• Speaks regularly to students, educators, and businesses.
• Is the founder of Mental Karate, a student leadership system.
• The Illinois Association of Teachers of English named Mawi the 2006 Illinois Author of the Year.
Mawi's Accomplishments
The Third Harmony
The Code: 5 Secrets Of Teen Success
Mimic The Devil: Stories, Essays, and Poems By Mawi Asgedom and Friends
Of Beetles And Angels
Interview with Mawi
He graduated with top honors from Harvard University, receiving a degree in American history and giving the commencement speech at his graduation in 1999.
Since graduating from Harvard, Mawi has dedicated himself to uplifting teenagers.
Mawi has spoken to over 750,000 students in more than 40 states.
He has also trained educators at The Harvard School of Education, The Midwest Principal's Center and many international conferences.
Mawi is the founder of Mental Karate, an organization that equips teachers to inspire students.
Mental Karate is the training system used by educators to equip students for success while building a positive school culture.
Educators from Hawaii to Florida are using Mental Karate to help their students.
Based on decades of research, Mental Karate helps students excel because it inspires new actions.

One Mental Karate 7th grader taught himself basic French in 45 days.
85% of students say Mental Karate helped them set and track goals
79% of students say that Mental Karate helped them become more motivated
85% would recommend Mental Karate to other students
Oprah Winfrey named her interview of Mr. Asgedom as one of her 20 Most Unforgettable Moments in October 2005

"After I heard Mawi's story on the show, I wouldn't tolerate the word 'can't' from anyone." - Oprah Winfrey
Any Questions?
Thank You
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