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No description

Andy Fuller

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Optimise

Approximate funding in pension plan investments for SME’s*
This funding allows business owners to back themselves via
What we will demonstrate today?
How is this achieved?
Innovative non-bank lending via
How to look for additional value in a business
How to utilise the additional value to fund a business
& process
Combination of:
Using a self invested pension vehicle
A simple process?
3 internal companies
19 administrative stages
Intellectual property indicative valuer
Full intellectual Property valuation
5 Client interaction points
Minimum 3 client facing meetings
At least 1 pension provider
TVAS analysis report
Plus individual requirements
Combined Pension monies
£ working capital required
Secured Loan
Repayment vehicle
SSAS Pension Scheme
SSAS Bank Account
Sets Up
Invests £ from existing pension arrangement(s)
The overview
Transfers pension >£300k
£ 65,000
SSAS Pension Scheme
SSAS Bank Account £300,000
Sets Up
Invests £ from existing pension arrangement(s)
Lamont Jones
Secured Loan £65,000
5 year fixed term loan @ 3.5%
“I reached another crossroads with the opportunity to do HR for a big supplier. I needed to think about support infrastructure – both staff and IT – to support this potential growth.”
Heather Jones,
founder and Managing Director of HR specialists Lamont Jones had moved quickly from a sole trader to employer, but a big client win meant a major decision.
Pension-led business funding has allowed Heather to put her growth plan in place and has already employed two extra staff, with three more likely to join Lamont Jones by the end of 2012.
The result:
Never touch your pension?
“Nagging in the back
of my mind was advice I had received from my pension advisor some years ago which was “never touch your pension fund.” But after meeting CAM for the first time, I spoke to him again and to his credit he was very positive: “the pension world
has changed and so has
my advice.”
“Their (CAM)
straightforward approach turns an extremely complex thing into something you can understand and use. For me it’s been great and I’m really glad I took this funding route.”
“With IP valuation in hand, Heather discussed the pension-led business funding with her accountant, IFA
and a lawyer and took the
decision to go ahead.
“It was a smooth process and from first call to the money being in the company’s bank account took about three months.”
Utilising Intellectual Property
Combined Pension monies
£100,000 NEED
Utilising Intellectual Property
SSAS/SIP Pension Scheme
SSAS/SIP Bank Account
-£100,000 £150,000
Sold to
Invests £150,000
IP Value £100,000
£100,000 Cash released from sale
Sets Up
Lease payments made
What is Intellectual Property?
Intellectual Property Legal Protection
Intellectual Assets
Intellectual Capital
Corporate Relationships Branding Reputation
Trade Marks Designs Copyright Database
Key Skills
Market Data / information
Spot the IP
Last renewed in 2002 Still in force
Registered Trade Mark Filed 1st Jan 1876
The Bar at the Folies-Bergeres © Edouard Manet 1882
Combined Pension monies
£75,000 NEED
SIP Pension Scheme
SIP Bank Account
Sold to
-£75,000 £130,000
Invests £130,000
IP Value £75,000
Cash released from sale
Sets Up
Lease payments made
Lease payments over 10 years
Why Optimise?
Clifton is the only company offering end to end process giving:
The Market/Your client:
Proven market credibility...
For Introducers
The Rules
Loan Back Rules:
Sale & Leaseback Rules:
Alago - heated gloves
Optimise Comparison
Product Comparison
Raises capital for ANY reason
Allows clients
to re-gain greater control of their company finance
Monetises intellectual property
the company identity
Provides revolving credit
Potentially reduce company tax liability
Introduce new capital into company
Reduce the
need for loans/overdrafts/debentures
Reduce the reliance of third parties
Eliminate the requirement for personal guarantees
Possible tax savings and future tax efficiencies
Credit protect asset within pension trust
Client Benefits...
Potential for significant pension enhancement
Allow your clients to free themselves from punitive security requirements
We address
all of the regulatory risk via CAM compliance

Reinstate ‘freedom’ to SME business owners
Additional income or discount for your clients
A credible mainstream alternative to traditional sources
We met Tony in
December 2011, and he made the decision to take the pension-led business funding route. He said: “I felt that I needed to make my pension work harder for me, and as pensions are literally trading your money on the stock market, there is just as much risk. By choosing pension-led business funding, I can finally invest in something that I have control over, and can make it work for both my
company and my pension.”
Tony’s £60,000
pension was in a local authority scheme, and this was transferred to a Clifton SSAS, which was established under sponsorship of Alago. This allowed Tony to release £27,000 of his total pension by way of a self-invested
In July 2012, Alago is
about to receive is first batch of
1300 gloves – the manufacturing and delivery totally financed by funds from his pension. With pre-orders growing by the day, Tony expects Alago’s turnover to hit £200,000 in its first year of trading. Alago’s products will be stocked online with Black’s Leisure, and they are in discussions with a Premiership
Rugby Club.
Dick Cormack
used to be head of
Motorsport for a major global tyre manufacturer, dealing with the tyre supply for the World Rally Championship (WRC). After 13 years working for the company, he left and set up DMACK
Tyres in 2007.
In 2009, DMACK required
£150,000 to start preliminary work and manufacturing in China. Although Dick’s bank (HSBC) was supportive, they could not lend all of the money required. CAM instructed an independent Intellectual Property (IP) valuation of the brand, and the value of this was then used to assist in raising the £150,000 required,
with the Directors SIPP providing £75,000 of the funding.
Pension-led business funding can take many forms.
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