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Design opportunities - 2n2 Group 6 =>Theviyah 17, Amirul 18 , Joshua 23 ,Wiliam 24

Design situations for decvices - cooling , safety , cleaning=D

Theviyah Rajendaran

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Design opportunities - 2n2 Group 6 =>Theviyah 17, Amirul 18 , Joshua 23 ,Wiliam 24

Design Opportunities *Amirul
*Theviya Shopping Mall People Can eat from
a variety of restaurants. In a restaurant there might
be a long cue. Add more tables and seats to the certain restaurant. OR Add more service
Counters to reduce
the cue. People usually touch
things around them in the mall. For good Hygiene
have a toilets in every single floor of the mall Some malls have playgrounds
and water parks, for children to
relax and play. Many children will be
running around, they might
knock down someone. Choose a rough ragged surface
for the water park's flooring to
prevent children to slip. When raining the children
are prone to lightning strikes. Add lightning rods to the roof. Home Places in a house. Bed Rooms Living Room Bath Rooms After using the toilet bowl maybe
some of us are forgetful and did not flush Attach some heat sensors
to the side of the toilet bowl
when you leave it will sense the
surroundings to be cool again and
will automatically flush. Try not to have clear glass
doors in your toilet, just in case
someone goes in accidentally Avoid eating in the living
room to prevent pest from going
there. This is your
RESPONSIBILITY!! Avoid having vases in the living
room, children might knock it down
as they like to run around. Have a safety device that
can clean up the mess and help
the children. Having very little airflow in our bedroom, basically bad air quality. Have a plant outside a cupboard
during day and inside during night. or Design and make a product
that improves air quality. During asleep some of us sleepwalk and
we do not know what is around us and
might knock our heads on the walls. Design and make a anti-sleepwalking
device, it is used before sleeping to help
minimize sleepwalking.
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