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Napoleon Project

No description

Joe Dirt

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Project

Napoleon Project Brandon L.
Courtney C.
6th period "England is a nation of shopkeepers" ~Napoleon 1.Descriptive
3.Belief/Action from Napoleon's perspective.
4. It displays Napoleon's view of the English peoples, and shows his frustration.
5. Questions that aren't about Napoleon.
6.A historians interpretation of this source would be more factual, ours is based on what we see; it changes a historians arguement. A B 1.Descriptive
2. Behavior
3. Belief, from Napoleon's perspective and thoughts.
4. That Napoleon believed that he would look more respectable if he was tall and skinny.
5.His character.
6. Yes our interpretation of this source would be similar to that of a historians and would semi differ challange an argument. C 1. Very Descriptive
2. This is based upon Behavior and Belief.
3. Yes it tells about beliefs as well as actions in Napoleon's perspective and opinion.
4. That he was thought to be a powerful and wealth leader.
5. This source does not tell you the people that viewed Napoleon in this way, and it limits the actual opinion of the people.
6. Yes, a historian's interpretation would be based off of the beliefs and thoughts that we provided and would not challange any sort of arguement. 1. Descriptive
2. Based on belief
3.Napoleon tried to make it seem like he was a good person and liked to help waiver than to his side
4.You can see that he is viewed as a ruler and a good person because he was there to help people and was highly involved with the people he ruled
5. This doesn't tell you what the people suffered from and what was actually going on in reality.
6. Compared to that of a historians they would be alike but a historian holds more supporting facts and might possibly be challenged. D Never interrupt your enemy when
he is making a mistake. ~ Napoleon E 1. Perspective
2. It decribes belief
3. It tells about actions from Napoleon and his people's perspective.
4. You can tell that there is some sort of controversy. And this beneifits us more becuase it describes part of his character.
5. It does not specifically tell who or what he is talking about it's just stating a mere belief
6. Our interpretation is very similar to a historians. Glittering Generalities
Napoleon tried to make himself seem like a likeable person that helped out his people and seem like he was an amazing leader. Name Calling
Napoleon is saying that the people of England would not do very well in war because they don't know how to fight because they are shopkeepers. Simplification and Pinpointing the Enemy
It is talking about the enemy in a neagtive way making the situation of war seem unbalanced Assertion
Napoleon is trying to state himself as being a mighty and wealthy ruler for his people Assertion
Napoleon was short and fat not tall and skinny
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