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The Calling - Digital Highlights

No description

T Doan

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The Calling - Digital Highlights

The Calling - Digital Highlights
After losing Rafe, and the pilot of the helicopter, Sam takes over flying and uses her knowledge (through video games) to land safely. She crashes but no one is hurt.
When the teens escape, they return home but the town was empty. They look around for a few hours and recoup. They eat food and search around for answers. Finally, they decide to take matters into her own hands and search for their parents. They also want to take down the bad guys before they take control over everybody.
I would recommend this book to other people but they should read the first book to the trilogy to understand. The story is fast paced and goes into detail about the feelings of the characters. Maya's thoughts and the plot will make you think a lot. Also, they included some legends from the past into the story so I learned a few things about the Native American way of life.
The Calling

Main Characters
Maya is 16 and was given up for adoption when she was a young age. She holds special animal powers and now, her biological father attempts to take her back.
Daniel is 16 and he, like Maya, is very headstrong. He takes lead even when others are weak.
Sam is book smart. She is also secretive and keeps crucial information from Maya and Daniel.
Corey is 16 also. He likes to take lead and act like a tough guy in the forest. He got ahead of himself though, and ended up injuring his knee.
Nicole is 16 as well and she acts as if she is the queen. She dislikes her peers and then she is captured, she tells the bad guys what they want to know about Maya and her friends.
As the teens swim through the ocean to get to the other side, Maya feels something grab her leg. That "thing" pulled her down. Luckily Daniel pulled her back up. The same thing happened to Nicole.
When the crew splits up, Nicole runs out to call for help and the bad guys shoot her. The teens are left in awe but continue to go on.
Maya keeps having vivid dreams about the same thing. She dreams of her evolving into her cat form. This leads to her sleepwalking constantly at night.
The bad guys (Maya's biological father) capture
the teens and bring them back to the camp. There, Maya and her dad converse with each other. Her dad tells her of he real past and Maya is in denial. She storms out and get so mad. Here, she turns into her animal form. A cat. She now understands the meaning of the paw print birthmark on her hip.
By: Kelley Armstrong
Book Report
By: Tu-Mi Doan
ELA - 3/4
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