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Intelligent personal assistant

No description

Isabelle Galvão

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Intelligent personal assistant

English Project Intelligent personal assistant What is Intelligent personal assistant? a mobile software agent that can perform tasks, or services;
Original author - SRI International
Developer - Apple Inc.
Initial release - October 4, 2011
Operating system - iOS 5 and later
Platform - iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation).
Available in - English, French, German,Japanese, Chinese, Korean,Italian, Spanish
Type - Intelligent software assistant Google Now Original author - Google
Developer - Google
Initial release - July 9, 2012; 10 months ago
Operating system - Android 4.1+ ("Jelly Bean")
Available in - English
Type - Intelligent software assistant Others APPs Send and read texts, call contacts, find locations, get directions, play music, retrieve weather information, update social media with voice, and more.
The only problem is getting those features to respond to voice accurately. Iris’s speech recognition is impressive.
Weather information was spot on. Setting up a new appointment was flawless.
Sometimes, Iris would understand perfectly and give me a nonsensical response. “Find [restaurant] near me” resulted in Iris giving a one-sentence physical description of herself. Is more of a driving assistant than a personal assistant.Robin is perfect when you want hands-free answers for locations, directions, and communication.
Retrieving parking info, texting and calling, updating social media–these are just some of what she can do. Was average in the speech recognition department.
When it came to searching the Internet for an answer, Vlingo’s responses were actually the best. Maluuba is a real personal assistant dressed in the Windows 8 design.
The one downside is that you must connect a Google account.
there were a few hiccups when speaking to Maluuba. Playing with Siri Skyvi Iris Robin Vlingo Maluuba Isabelle Galvão - 16
Larissa Alves - 24
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