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"Three Skeleton Key" plot chart.

This is our plot chart!!

Melissa Martinez

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of "Three Skeleton Key" plot chart.

Resolution Falling Action Climax Rising Action Exposition Figurative Language similes metaphors personification The Climax of this story is when Ichoua signals the patrol boat that him and the men are alive. The patrol boat responds by stating they will be back with more help using mores code. "Then he bowed his head and
began weeping softly, like a child." "A sighing groan came as the water rushed into the ship; then she split in two and sank like a stone." "But no, she came for us at
full speed, as if she were leading the regatta at a race, and impaled herself on a sharp point of rock." The rescue boat came and brought another boat filled
with meat and when all the rats went there they blow up the boat and some of the rats died the rest were eaten by sharks. When it was safe the men went onto the rescue boat and lest the island. The short story "Three Skeleton Key", by Tou Douze, is an amazing story about three light house keepers who are held hostage by hordes of ravenous rats. Le Gleo, Ichtoua, and the narrator are light house keepers om the isolated island of Three Skeleton Key off the coast of French Guiana. In the beginning, Dutch Ship, the Cornileus de Witlly recklessly make it's way towards their shores. The men soon discover the ship is abandoned because hordes of dangerous rats have devoured the crew. The ship crashed into the shore. In the end, after all the horrible accidents, the patrol boat took the three men to the hospital in Cayenne. While the three men were in the hospital, Le Gleo mind was cracked and he was really mad, so they had to send him back to France and they locked him up in an asylum. Then, Ichtoua died in a week because of the rat's bite he had. And lastly the narrator has continued his service in Cayenne. And that's how it all ended in "Three Skeleton Key"! "Three Skeleton Key" plot chart BY:
George G. Toudouze Made By: C. Franco M.Martinez "His eyes glazed" "Like dancing over the rocks" "His eyes swung around the room" Marylynn Tellez The three light house
keepers saw an abandoned
ship coming towards their island and knew it would crash and brake then they realized that the ship was full of hordes of flesh eating rats. When the ship crashed the rats sprang onto the island and smelled the flesh of the three light house keepers and went onto the light house and tried to come in. The three men went into the lighthouse and closed all the doors but the rats got in and the men ran into the light room and were trapped there. On the ninth day the men were trapped, the decided not to light the light. The patrol boat went to the island to see why the light house light was not on and then they saw the rats covering the lighthouse and thought the men were dead. # 227
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