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Gateway to Leadership! Team Leader Orientation

This presentation is meant to get new Team Leaders aquainted with their emerging role in leading volunteers as they assist us at Feeding America San Diego

Lauren Kraft

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Gateway to Leadership! Team Leader Orientation

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Feeding America San Diego
Team Leader Program Hunger is the World's #1 Health Risk
It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined * One in seven people in the world
will go hungry One out of four children in
developing countries are underweight * That includes:
1 out of 5 adults
1 out of 4 children 440,000 San Diegans are food insecure
Half are under the age of 18 * Studies estimate that 80 million
pounds of food are needed per year to fill all the empty plates in San Diego* To accomplish our mission, Feeding America
San Diego accesses millions of pounds of food, distributes it through direct programs and community partners Keeping the people on our part of the Earth healthy *World Food Program *World Food Program *World Food Program *Feeding America *Feeding America And gets it on the tables of children, seniors and families who need it most Feeding America San Diego, along with the help of out partner agencies, provides food for
73,000 people per week Last year, more than 8,000 volunteers
donated over 22,000 hours of time....which =10 full time employees!!!! We couldn't make this a reality without
the help of our dedicated volunteer force! Feeding America National is the nation's
largest domestic hunger relief charity The purpose of this orientation is to:

Introduce you to Feeding America San Diego and our Team Leader program

Familiarize you with our expectations of you as a Team Leader

Train you on methods to work effectively with a diverse volunteer force Feeding America's mission is: "To feed America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger." One woman's story With a network of 200 member food banks across the country, Feeding America supplies more the 3 billion pounds of food and grocery products annually. The National office works builds relationships with large corporations and national chains, making their generous donations available to us locally Feeding America San Diego recieves 500,000 pounds of food per month from Feeding America National Helping us to distribute over 21 million pounds of food per year! OUR GOAL: 30 million pounds per year by 2015 *Our partnership with Feeding America National

*Donations made locally, through our business partners, food drives, and individual giving

*The labor of a dedicated staff and an amazing volunteer force! How do we accomplish this? Some of our direct programs include:

Backpack Program

Farm to Kids

Mobile Pantry

Senior Program

Market Center Our 'Market Center' allows us to get food to our 163+ member food banks across San Diego county
Food banks can buy food by the pound at an average cost of 11 cents/pound (not to exceed 18cents/pound)
Cost is only to contribute to shared transportation costs
"Fresh Rescue" items often go directly from stores to our member food banks From Warehouse to Pantry Volunteers play a vital role in every step of the process, from sorting the good from the bad to packing backpack bags on their way out to the students. Which brings us to: YOU!!! What to expect as a Team Leader Team Leaders know their way around our warehouse enough to assist when we need to:

*Locate Supplies

*Move a pallet

*Shrink wrap a pallet San Diego Man, photo taken in 2010 And it's even worse here in San Diego Volunteer "Management" Team Leaders should encourage, inspire and motivate other volunteers! Greeting people with a smile, providing positive feedback, and correcting inappropriate behavior in a gentle, constructive fashion are all infinitly valuable to the volunteer experience! Happy volunteers are more productive, more likely to come back, and more likely to bring along a friend or family member :) If they've packed 2,000 Backpack Bags, remind them that as a result of their labor, 2,000 food insecure children will have food for the weekend Help volunteers see and understand what they've accomplished Creating a feeling of connection with our programs and our mission is the best thing we can do to thank volunteers! Remember it's not only us you're helping, it's the people we serve
Wearing open-toed shoes
Riding pallets/pallet jacks
'Horseplay' in the warehouse
Not observing moving forklift vehicles
Attempting to lift items that are too heavy for a person's ability How would YOU go about correcting unsafe behavior? Unsafe behavior includes: What we do Team Leaders are an incredible asset to our volunteer program! What does a Team Leader do? Team Leaders help us with:

Volunteer 'Management'
Warehouse safety
Being knowledgeable about projects, supplies, and warehouse capable Any Questions????? Let's head to the warehouse! The Feeding America Story tonight*
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