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Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie

No description

Kimmy Ehler

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie

Steven Alper is living a pretty normal 8th grade life, until his little brother Jeffrey is diagnosed with leukemia. Steven begins failing classes. His mom is always in Philly with Jeffrey so
he is forced to live in a low-communication, microwave dinner
filled house with his dad. The only thing keeping him going is
his drums. His All-City High concert is coming up, and the hottest girl in school and his best friend make it a benefit concert for Jeffrey. During the concert Jeffrey starts running a fever and has to be rushed to the hospital. Leaving Steven with the decision go to the hospital with Jeffery or finish his concert he's been practicing the whole year for. It's an easy choice for Steven and when they finally get to the hospital, Jeffrey only has an ear infection. Steven was so grateful it was nothing worse.
Middle School
Children's hospital in Philadelphia
His grandparent's house
His house
September-June (school year)
Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie
By: Jordan Sonnenblick
Orange tic tacs
After Jeffery's nose bleed, Steven was rushed to get ready to go to school and forgot to brush his teeth so he eats tic tacs throughout the whole day. Spacing them out evenly so he isn't caught with bad breathe.
Quote 1
"So how come when I wasn't looking, Jeffy got cancer?"
Steven always looked at himself as Jeffery's protector and the only moment when he looked away, he fell off the stool and his nose bled. He kept blaming himself and feeling guilty so he gave up on pretty much everything, besides drums.
Quote 2
"I did this for Jeffery, Mom. So he wouldn't have to be bald alone."
Steven shaved his head since Jeffery was so embarrassed by it. Steven sacrificed a lot more for Jeffery, like kicking Renee (hottest girl in school) out of his house since she was sick, he stopped paying for his drum lessons, left in the middle of his concert, and spent 8 days with his grandparents since he had the flu.
Quote 3
"Somehow, overnight, I had figured something out: Renee was beautiful, but she was my friend now. On the other hand, Annette was my friend, but now she was beautiful."
Annette always stood by Steven and supported him
even when he ignored her. She tutored him and kept him on track when he didn't want to. He didn't realize it until she kissed him when he left the concert.
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