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The Negative Effects of Celebrities on Teenagers

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Emily Ridings

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of The Negative Effects of Celebrities on Teenagers

The Negative Effects of Celebrities on Teenagers
By Emily Ridings

Celebrities should have restrictions on what they are allowed to portray to their audiences because they are making destructive choices that lead teenagers to drink, use drugs, and develop eating disorders.
Celebrity Examples
There are many things that celebrities have done that provide examples of how they are bad influences. Some are:
Paris Hilton was arrested for DUI in 2006.
Kelly Clarkson had an eating disorder as a teen.
Katherine McPhee admitted to having anorexia as a teen.
Miley Cyrus was recently caught smoking weed on stage at the MTV EMA's.
Megan Fox admitted to cutting in 2009.
Britney Spears has been caught shoplifting.
Hilary Duff was a victim to an eating disorder.
Fergie developed an addiction to meth soon after being on Disney Channel.
Christina Aguilera has had many run ins with alcohol.
There are also very uplifting celebrities that make good decisions and portray positive influences upon their audiences.
All people have their own rights, so the celebrities should be able to act however they decide.
The parents of these teens should be able to somewhat control what their children are exposed to.
Arguments Against Rebuttals
Although there are uplifting celebrities, there are also a lot of negative celebrities. Usually what the negative celebrities do is what is actually seen in the limelight instead of the good deeds that have been done by other positive celebrities. Therefore, even though there are celebrities trying to spread positive influences, it is the negative ones that normally shine.
All people do have their own rights. In saying this, that does not mean people should do whatever they want to do. There is a fine line between freedom and doing what is morally right. Most celebrities are old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. A person should have more self-respect than to do what some of these celebrities do on national television.
Parents should definitely be involved in their teenagers' lives. Although this is true, a line has to be drawn. Parents cannot just control their children's lives. Either the child will be put into a bubble or the teenager could become rebellious. Either way, parents should not become too controlling over their children.
There are many problems that teenagers and celebrities have had with the use of drugs.
"88% to 92% of the top twenty-five box office hits since 1995 have contained tobacco use."
Celebrities are sending the message across that smoking is cool and okay to do.
Abusing drugs can lead to very serious health issues.
Some warning signs are fatigue, red/glazed eyes, or a lasting cough.
Almost every drug can or will affect the brain's chemicals that deal with pleasure.
Quote on Drugs
People with family histories of alcoholism tend to have lower levels of endorphins than do people genetically disinclined to alcoholism. Alcohol will slightly raise the endorphin level of people without the genetic basis for alcoholism; it will dramatically raise the endorphin level of people with that genetic basis. Specialists spend a lot of time formulating exotic hypotheses to account for substance abuse. Most experts point out, strong motivations for avoiding drugs; but there are also strong motivations for taking them. People who claim not to understand why anyone would get addicted to drugs are usually people who haven't tried them or who are genetically fairly invulnerable to them.
Celebrities abusing alcohol have also left a very negative effect on teenagers.
Because of where they are in life, teenagers are prone to making emotional decisions instead of logical decisions especially when using alcohol.
One thing that alcohol will do to the adolescent brain is it can alter one's perception and developing perceptual skills.
The actions that teenagers make while using alcohol can stay with them for the rest of their life.
Eating Disorders
Many celebrities have struggled with some type of eating disorder or problem with body image, and this has portrayed very strongly to the teenagers of today.
Celebrities create fake images of perfection, and this is causing teens to have self-confidence issues and problems with depression.
40% of nine and ten year olds are already trying to lose weight, and 53% of thirteen year old girls already have problems with their body image.
The National Institute of Mental Health says that more than five million Americans a year inherit some sort of eating disorder.
Two out of every 100 teens in America struggle with an eating disorder.
The two eating disorders that are the most common are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.
Anorexia causes fear of weight gain, and bulimia is a disease in which people binge and then compensate with forced vomiting.
Signs of someone having an eating disorder are being very thin or frail, being obsessed with eating and weight control, withdrawing from social activities, or being depressed or lethargic.
Parents Point of View
There are a lot of changes that parents notice in their children when they start to grow into teenagers and young adults.
Teens are more likely to listen to their favorite celebrity than to their parents.
Because teens are still in the search of their self-image, they turn to celebrities to try and find one.
When celebrities start doing bad things, teens and other fans still imitate them.
There are still many things parents cannot control.
Teenagers today are exposed to multiple things on television such as adult language, sexual content, and violence.
Two-thirds of parents in America think that their kids are being exposed to too much inappropriate content in the media, and 34% of parents think that most of this inappropriate content comes from the television.
Some programs have already been started like Above the Influence, and these programs are sending positive messages to teenagers.
Celebrities need to be more aware of their image because whether they mean for children to see what they are doing or not, people are watching.
Celebrities need to start doing healthy things to their bodies instead of harmful things, and they should be concerned about being healthy instead of being unhealthily skinny.
Celebrities are sending across the message that abusing drugs and alcohol is the life that everyone should live.
In the end, popular culture celebrities need to start thinking twice about the way they act and present themselves because of the audience that they are affecting.
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