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Business Writing

michelle culp

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Proofreading

Proofreading Michelle & Jordan Business Writing The difference between the almost-right word & the right word is really a large matter--it's the difference between the lightning-bug & the lightning.
-Mark Twain Proofread
verb (used with object)
to read (printers' proofs, copy, etc.) in order to detect and mark errors to be corrected. 1. Just Walk Away 2. Single Out Your Problems 3. Check Your Facts 4. Print & Re-Read 5. Read It Out Loud 6. Now Use A Computer 7. Go Old School, Use A Dictionary 8. Backwards Text Your Read 9. Check List Proofreading is important in your everyday life After you have written your piece of work, walk away from it to give your mind a rest. Look for one problem at a time. - Spelling
- Sentence Fragments
- Grammar
- Punctuation
...and so on Make sure all names are spelt correctly and capitalized.
If your facts are incorrect you will look unprofessional. It is important to read a hard copy.
Computers can be distracting and put a lot of unnecessary strain on your eyes. It may not be the most comfortable thing to do now a days but reading your work out loud and actually hearing how it sounds is beneficial to your work. As long as you don't rely 100% on your computer it can be very helpful. It will help with misspellings and double words. Computers can miss mistakes such as know and no, weather and whether. Using a dictionary will help improve your work over all. Read your paper from right to left. This way you are reading the words, not the sentences. Create a check list of mistakes you commonly make. Use the list every time you proofread. 10. HELP! Get someone else to look over your work to catch mistakes you didn't find. Start Here What is Proofreading? When Should We Proofread? What We Are Going To Teach You Today. Why Do We Proofread? How To Proofread. On Sunday, Anthony went over to Nick's house to play basketball. They played a game of one-on-one. Anthony made six baskets, but Nick made eight. Nick was the winner. After the game, both boys went inside to have some snacks and watch television. Do you know what Ryan did last weekend? He went to the beach with his family. First, Ryan built a huge sand castle. Then, he collected seashells and rocks. After that, he went swimming with his brother Derrick. Ryan had a wonderful time at the beach. Correct Versions
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