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The Bet by: Anton Chekhov

No description

Lauren Harris

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Bet by: Anton Chekhov

The Bet
By: Anton Chekhov

Plot Diagram

If you had to choose between a loved one or a billion dollars, which one would you choose?
Would you bet 15 years in isolation if it meant you would receive $2 million dollars?
Greed in Human Nature
the bet was the reason for the whole problem in the story
at first, the lawyer only desired the money involved in the bet
tripled the isolation time because the lawyer wanted wealth
Value of Life
Anton Chekhov
1. Human life is more valuable than money.
2. When in complete isolation, a man that was once greedy, can become a man that appreciates the true values in life.
Anton Chekhov was born on January 29, 1860 in Taganrog, Russia. He was born third of six children. When he was 15, he ran away from home because his dad was using him as a slave. His whole childhood consisted of hardwork and strict orders.
Writing History
Medical Doctor
When Anton ran away, he finished high school and obtained a scholarship at Moscow University Medical School in 1879. He practiced general medicine for ten years. In 1897-1899 returned to his medical practice in order to stop the epidemic of Cholera.
While he was studying medicine he was writing short stories and many were published. He decreased in his medical practice in favor of writing. Some of short stories that are published were
The Proposal
The Wedding
, and
The Anniversary
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Falling Action
while reading different types of literature, the lawyer changes his perspective on life
a $2 million bet is made, but later the money is rejected
books gave the lawyer wisdom, that many others do not have
despises money in the end
Lawyer- Wisdom
The lawyer is the perfect picture of wisdom. He is very wise.
Books- Knowledge
The books give the lawyer knowledge and wisdom.
Bet- Greed
The banker and lawyer made it out of greed. It represents their greed
Letter- Meaning not clear but it saves the lawyers life. The banker is about to kill the lawyer.
Window- Freedom and passage. light, air, sounds, and knowledge may pass through. He got the books through the window in cabin.
The characters introduced in the story are the banker and the young lawyer. The setting in the story is mostly taken place in the cabin but also in the beginning they are at a party at night in autumn.
The inciting incident is when the banker and the lawyer start arguing and making the bet of two million dollars.
The rising action is when the lawyer was in the cabin reading and keeps asking for more and more books. All the books that he had read made him more knowledgeable and wise.
The climax is when the lawyer learned six different languages and read six hundred volumes of books and gained alot of wisdom.
The falling action is when the banker walks into the cabin wanting to kill the lawyer. Then he finds the letter he had been writing and he read it then walked home crying. The banker wants the lawyer to be free so he decided not to kill him and let him live.
The resolution is when the lawyer runs away from the cabin. The lawyer many have lost two million dollars, but he gained something greater knowledge and wisdom.
The denouement is when the banker doesn't lose the money and the man ran away while the banker went though a change due to this.
The Banker
-Both characters like to be in authority especially the banker.
-Likes to have power over others especially those who disagree with him. (He even goes far enough to bet away all of his money to prove a point.)
-He is greedy, selfish, and loves money.
-He is a dynamic character throughout the story. In the 15 years he keeps the lawyer as prisoner and loses his wealth which at the end almost drives him to killing the lawyer.
-The banker agrees with government, surveillance and order.
The Lawyer
-When he was locked up, he gained a lot of knowledge because the banker gave him books to read.
-He is a dynamic character throughout the story. Before he was in captivity he was greedy. After he was wise, intelligent and looked deeper into life.
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