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Innovation Games® - at Agile NCR 2011

Introduction to Innovation Games® - a technique to do serious work in a fun manner

Guneet Sahai

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Innovation Games® - at Agile NCR 2011

Innovation Games® Guneet Sahai What are Innovation Games ® Innovation Games® are serious games
that solve a wide range of product strategy
and management problems across the market lifecycle. Who do I play these games with?

They are played:
with customers & internal stakeholders online or in-person within or across organizational units in single or multi-game formats Don't I have work to do? Areas where Innovation Games ® can Help? Envisioning Discovering Hidden Needs & Problems Show & Tell Speed Boat Product Box Remember The Future Prioritization Buy A Feature Prune the Product Tree 20 / 20 Vision Players
Play Game

Don’t talk
Don’t be negative about product you discover
Observe ideas from development talks & presentation about product
One observation per sticker Notice the Smiles !!! Agile NCR 2011
25-26th Feb
New Delhi Rahul Sharma Introduction to Innovation Games ®
Game Demo - Buy A Feature
Our Experience with Product Box
Game Demo - Speed Boat Playing Product Box at Xebia Introduction Start Here Enough Talk - Lets Play Buy A Feature Use:
Prioritize Product
BackLog A list of 12-20 items (features or projects) are described in terms of benefits and cost
5 to 8 invited stakeholders given
limited “budget”, must reach
consensus on projects to “buy”
Captures very rich information about customer motivations, trade-offs, objections, actual collective needs How is it played? Demo 1 Seriously Fun way to do Serious Business Demo 2 Draw a picture of a boat

The boat represents your system

Developers create anchors that are holding them back Lets see if we can put this to some use !!!! http://www.innovationgames.com http://www.xebiaindia.com
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