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Personal Computer Trouble Shooting

First Aid Steps to help correct PC problems before they start and after they have happened.

J.W. Richards

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Computer Trouble Shooting

J.W. Richards IV
PC Support Technician
First Community Services jw.richards@fcserv.com Helpdesk 15712 254-680-5712 helpdesk@fcserv.com Education & Experience Bachelors of Science -
Computer Science Beginning Microsoft
Certifications First Computer at age 8 Information Security
Officer at all units
assigned to in the Army Current Job PC Support First Community Bancshares Inc. First National Bank First Convenience Bank First Community Mortgage Fort Hood National Bank First Community Services Locations 222 Branches 15 Free Standing
8 Stations
120 207 In-Store Branches
5 Stations
1035 Plus Around 1500
Back Office and
Support Computers Almost 2600 Computers First Aid
For Your PC Preventative Medicine Installing Software Visiting Questionable Websites First Steps Shutdown and Restart Cables Power Network Video Contacting the Helpdesk The name of the person it is for! A good phone number System Number Exact Problem What to Expect Series of Events Call or E-Mail Ticket is Generated Ticket is Placed in Queue WAIT!!! CC me on the email
for anything urgent!
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