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Life Fully Alive Final Assignment

No description

Joe Lee

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Life Fully Alive Final Assignment

LIFE Prezi By: Joe Fully Alive Final Assignment Created Male Female Life Life Life Life Life Life Life Puberty Male Female Stage 1 Ages 9-12 Average: 10 Internal changes have begun, but no physical development is evident. There are rising levels of hormones in the blood stream. Testicles are maturing. Stage 2 Ages 10-14 Average: 12 Boys grow in height and in weight. The testicles and scrotum enlarge, the penis does not. It remains the same size. The first signs of public hair is evident. Stage 3 Ages 11-16 Average: 13 Testicles and scrotum continue to grow; the penis lengthens. The public hair thickens and spreads along the base of the penis. Boys' height and weight increase, and their shoulders broaden. As the larynx enlarges, the voice begins to deepen. Stage 4 Ages 12-17 Average: 13 or 14 In boys, the penis increases in width as well as length. The testicles continue to enlarge, and during this, a boy may experience his first nocturnal emission. The voice deepens and skin becomes oilier. Underarm hair appears, and some boys may begin to have facial hair on the chin as well as on the lip. Stage 5 Ages 14-18 Average 15 or 16 In boys, the development of the genitals and public hair is complete. The growth spurt slows down, and the body shape is that of a mature male. It is during this stage that most boys begin shaving. Depending on their heredity, some may continue to develop body hair on their upper body for several years. Stage 1 Ages 7-11, Average: 9 Internal changes have begun, but no physical development is evident. There are rising levels of hormones in the blood stream. Ovaries are maturing. Stage 2 Ages 8-13 Average: 11 Girls show the first signs of breast development. Height and weight begin to increase, and the first signs of public hair are evident. Stage 3 Ages 9-15 Average: 12 In girls, the breasts continue to grow. Public hair coarsens and darkens. Cervical mucus appears, and late in this stage girls may menstruate for the first time. Stage 4 Age 10-16 Average: 12 or 13 In girls, underarm hair begins to develop. Public hair is more adult in appearance. The breasts continue to develop and menstruation is very likely to begin during this stage. Ovulation, however, may not occur as yet. Stage 5 Stage 5 Ages 12-17 Average: 15 or 16 Girls have the body of a mature woman, with full breast development. Full adult height has likely been reached. It is usually sometime during this stage that ovulation begins to occur with some regularity. Puberty makes people have a concern about fitting in with others, feeling tired when they get up, moody or restless, insecure, awkward in some situations, curious about sexuality, finding it hard to concentrate, and wanting more privacy and freedom. People change a lot during this time period. Why Is It Important To Follow God's Plan For Sexuality? It is important to follow God's plan for sexuality because God's plan for sexuality is there so we don't hurt ourselves or others. We are created sexual for a reason-to be a loving and life-giving person, a reflection of the God who created you. God created us, why not give back to him and follow his plan for sexuality, it's the least we could do right? God's plan for sexuality is there to help us be healthy body/spirit people.If we don't follow God's plan for sexuality, we will be unhealthy body/spirit people and we will take sexuality the wrong way and get off track of God's plan. We have to have something to follow or else there will be havoc, people getting hurt, etc. Rest Exercise Nourishment Body Image Use of Media Respect for Others Modesty Just some advice... I think you should set a regular time for getting up from bed and going to bed, making sure you're getting enough sleep, as well as making sure your bedroom is dark and cool. And then there is stuff like exercising regularly, but at least 3 hours before your bedtime, avoid drinking drinks with caffeine after 4 p.m., and to not nap for more than half an hour. I recommend that you exercise regularly everyday, not only it protects your heart, and helps you maintain a healthy weight, it also gives you greater energy, improves your mood, and gives you a sense of self accomplishment. Exercise is great for you! In short, just have good eating habits. Don't eat too much junk food, don't skip meals, etc. The 2 periods in life when you grow very rapidly are very important and you will need to feed yourself well and satisfy your needs. Good nutrition is necessary. Pretty much, all you need to do for body image is follow God's plan for sexuality and it only matters to you, and YOU only about how you look and your body image. It doesn't matter what everybody else says, just YOUR opinion. Don't get influenced by media and them promoting body image. Few people can actually achieve that look. You are special for who you are. But, you can be comfortable with yourself and your appearance and body image. There is always that saying, "Treat others as you want to be treated." Just treat everybody how you want to be treated. You say a mean thing to somebody, you will get a mean saying back. Vice versa, if you are nice, somebody will be nice to you. Hey, it's kind of the law of inertia! Cool. Don't brag, don't gossip (about the intimate details of peoples' lives and relationships), and don't dress (in inappropriate ways). Protect your dignity! Healthy Relationships RESPECT! Don't make negative comments about people or their clothing. Don't deliberately exclude other people. Don't spread rumors about other people. But, the important thing about healthy relationships is that you need to respect each other, trust each other, like your family. There's the golden rule again. If there was no respect, no trust, no nothing, then there would be no relationships in the world. Remember, RESPECT! It doesn't matter if you have a relationship with a boy or a girl; all that matters is that your relationship has respect, trust, etc, and that there is love. Respect. Healthy Family Relationships During Puberty Families will all face challenges at one point. Puberty is one point. Your mood effects your family. People going through puberty could apologize sometimes, explain how they are feeling, try not to get into arguments, do stuff you regularly do (computer games, iPod, sports, etc. We must all persevere through these hard challenges and make it. There is always a way and there is always hope. THE END
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