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Airport Village

No description

Mission Group

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Airport Village

Site Plan
What Has Happened So Far?
Timeline Going Forward
Site Plan: The Non-Confusing One
Why Here?
Finalized Site Plan
Founded in 2004
Who Are We?
Under Serviced Trade Area
High Growth Area
Consists of: MG Homes, MG Commercial, MG Construction, Aqua Marine Valet
Building Areas
Building A......13,350 SF
Building B......7,382 SF
Building C1....3,500 SF
Building C2....3,260 SF
Building D......8,480 SF
Building E......3,645 SF
4.1 Stalls per 1,000 SF
Total Square Footage
39,617 SF
Other Mission Group Projects in the Area
Potential Uses
Building Permit Submission - End of Oct. 2015
Project Tendering - Nov. 2015
Construction Start - March 2016
Construction Substantial Completion - Oct. 2016
Medical Walk-In Clinic
Drug Store/Pharmacy
Health Food/Vitamins

Award of Construction Contract - Dec. 2015
U-One - Completed July 2015
66 Condominiums
Sold - Out (9 month's)
U-Two - Under Construction
Phase 1 Completion - Aug. 2016
U-Three - Future Project
112 Condominiums Total ( 2 Bldgs.)
Architectural character - contemporary modernist
Simple, rectilinear geometry
Repetitive vertical elements with roof overhang and facade fenestration's
Facades facing the highway and streets are stepped to create visual interest
Contemporary building materials
Phase 2 Completion - Jan. 2017
Phase 1 - Nearly Sold Out (2 Condos Left)
Phase 2 - Contracts on 23/56 Condos (40%)
Completion September 2017
Building 1: 79 Condominiums
Building 2: 55 Rental Suites
I Would Like More Information On...
Airport Village
U-Two & Other Mission Group Communities
Leasing Opportunities-Colliers International
Robert Gauley:
Airport Village - First Commercial Project for MG
Food - Quick Service
Dollar Store
Contract of Purchase and Sale Finalized Oct. 2013
Cellular Store
Pet Food
Specialty Coffee
Hair Salon
Sold our 1,000th home in April 2015
5 Key Market Trade Areas:
-Quail Ridge
-Airport Business Park
-Ellison Community
Finalized Lease with Anchor Tenant (Nester's Market, Oct. 2014)
Finalized Elevations
Submitted for Development Permit (Dec. 2014)
Obtained Development Permit (June 2015)
Commenced Building Permit Drawings (Aug. 2015)
Legal Title Obtained September 2015
Restaurant - Full Service
Shopping Centre Opening Early Dec. 2016
Completing Building Permit Drawings - End of Oct. 2015
Airport Village
Contact Us
Rezoning Approved (Oct. 2014)
Subdivision Approval (Aug. 2015)
Provision for pedestrian and bicycle linkages to
all 3 buildings
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