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Jasmine Denney & Kara Turkson

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Jasmine Denney & Kara Turkson

Lucian Adams displayed his honor by taking charge and protecting everyone. When things were looking bad for his comrades, he ran through the forest clearing out enemies and letting the wounded progress farther. He was "single-handedly destroying machine gun emplacements to re-establish supply lines". He did anything and everything he could.
Lucian Adams also showed much sacrifice. His actions showed that we wasn't thinking of himself as much as his peers. His mission was to get them out of danger so they could win. He himself took out 9 Germans, 3 enemy machine guns and more.
Lucian showed patriotism by just participating in World War II. He landed in Saint Tropez then headed to France in 1944. After a couple years making landing crafts, He enlisted in the army in February 1943. 8 of his brothers also enlisted in the military.
Jasmine Denney & Kara Turkson
Lucian Adams & Kenneth Walsh
In Lucian's time serving he received a Medal of Honor, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, American Campaign Medal, and a World War II Victory Medal. He was beyond brave in his line of service.
Kenneth Walsh demonstrated honor through great bravery even when it seemed impossible. He was determined to thwart the enemy's bombing attempt. He show down multiple Japanese planes while his own plane was severely damaged.
Kenneth showed sacrifice by thinking about the team before his own safety. He was ready to die if it meant his team surviving. He shot down multiple Japanese planes while his own plane was on the verge of crashing, yet he still persevered.
Kenneth demonstrated patriotism by being in the Korean war and World War II. He was 1st lieutenant as a pilot. He was intrepid and brave be fighting for our country.
Kenneth was very courageous, which earned him 4 distinguished flying with 5 stars. He received the highest credit at the US Naval Service, and he was also the first corsair pilot to get the Medal of Honor.
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