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Top 10 Places In UTEP To See!

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Bryan De La Rosa

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Top 10 Places In UTEP To See!

This articular area, is very fascinating belonging to the Department of geological sciences, lothough earthquakes arent coomon here in el paso, many slight trimmers are going on right below us, even though we dont feel it.
Top 10 Places In UTEP To See!
Being part of utep inst just the building, but what the student, wants to study and do for their rest of there lives. With programs such as nurscing, education, science, rocks, et. There is so much significant ideas and plans that we have and set.
Fox Fine Arts Center
Allowing students, to pursue there dreams in being part of the music. Were it can be as simple as playing an instrument, or your voice allowing to harmanize through the class, here is talent ready to be scene.
No shock! To the famous Don Haskins, were legendary "Don Haskin" coached the mens basketball team, and brought the recognition to the University of Texas at El paso. Sadly he left this world on September 7th, 2008. Till this day it is still used as the practice ground for males and female basketball players. Even used to held most graduations. His memory and accomplishments will live on the court.
Kidd Memorial
Old Main
Being the oldest building on campus, this area housed students, and even staff. This is were most functions back then were held. Today classes are held, there by teaching many math, physics, etc.
Centennial Plaza
What wonderful sight to look at, allowing students to relax from a hard day of school, or just catching sun. Just an amazing eye gazier while walking to class.
Basically, this is were us the students, can get away from the professiors, study, catch up on any work, maybe even have alittle nap before the next class starts. A great place to socialize in the middle of the day.
Don Haskins Center
Larry K. Dunham Building
Home, to are miner pride football team, and also home to the Athletic Trainers. The caretakers of every athlete in the school, "The Team Behind,Every Team" shows many athletes who have made history throughout the years at utep.
Centennial Building
This building is an exact replica of the "lhakhang" throughtout the himailain kindom of bhuntan. This place is mainly used for meditation and and relaxtion.
The "M" On The Mountain
This "M" that everyone sees has been the source and pride of the miner nation. Painted in 1923. In annual competation that aims on using solar power to light up the "M"
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