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Famous Comedians/Movie Stars

Its About Stars And About Their Life Style And How They Got To Where They Are Now.

juanita ridky

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Famous Comedians/Movie Stars

Adam Sandler Adam Sandler is an actor,comedian,musician,songwriter,
screenwriter,and a film producer.He has been staring in movies since 1987-Present. He stared in too many movies too count. Adam also earns $300 mill a year.Adam Sandler's middle name is Richard and is married to Jackie Sandler and they have two children together. I think he is funny because the movies he played in make me laugh and most movies dont. Adam Sandler Age:46 Gabriel
iglesias Gabriel Iglesias is an American Stand Up Comedian
actor known for his shows I'm not fat...I'm fluffy and
Hot and Fluffy. Gabriel is born on July 15,1976 in Sandiago he is 36 years old. I think he is funny because
he tells life story's that he been through and the stories
are halarious and the sound effects he makes with his mouth i think that is absolute talent. Gabriel has been a round for a few years i believe. He earns $235,929 a year. Gabriel Iglesias Age:36 Andy Sumberg My Wonderful Ending Andy Sumberg Andy Sumburg is an american actor,comedian,
voice actor,writer and member of the comedy group The Lonely Island . He is born: August 18,1978 and now is 34 years old born in Berkley.Adam played in Thats My Boy .Thats the only one i know of. He is hallarious. :) I dont know how long he been around but he makes $350,000 A year. Age :34 I told you about some comedians. Why i
like them and other things and even gave you pictures of them also a video of Gabriel Iglesias. I hope you liked my presentation and enjoyed it !!!! It wasnt much but i worked hard. ;) Hope You
like my
prezi :) on
comedians Famous Comedians Im going to tell you about famous comedians and the basic things about them. Also how much they make a year and why i think they are funny. Thank you
for watching my prezi SINCERLY
JUANITA RIDKY :D Gabriel Iglesias,Andy Sumberg,Adam Sandler I am giving you guys a video of Gabriel Iglesias
because he is funny and i want u to see how
funny he is. Famous Comedians ;)
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