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Brackish Water/ Estuaries

No description

Ashley Rogers

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Brackish Water/ Estuaries

Brackish Water/ Estuaries
By:Ashley Rogers
Where is it located?
What kind of plant life is there?
Plant Life:
What kind of animal life lives there?
Animal Life:
Is this area being destroyed by anything?
What kind of temperature/weather?
Does a change in temperature ever occur? If yes does this effect the life in the habitat?
Your Most Interesting Part?
Hope you liked it!!!! I had a lot of fun making it. Good Luck Everyone! Your Fellow Classmate,
Ashley! :) (The better awesome Ashley don't tell the other shorter one)
Fun Facts:
Estuaries- A semi-enclosed body of water with one or more rivers,lakes, or streams going in to it, with a connection to the sea.
Where saltwater mixes with freshwater, which forms an estuary.
There is a wet and dry season.
Dry Season- There is not as much freshwater coming from the rivers,lakes and/or streams.
The plants in brackish water areas have to have adaptations to help them survive the salty conditions estuaries and salty water may bring.
Plants: Pickle Weed, Salt Grass, and Alkali Heath.
Some animals don't belong there so they are eating everything and unbalancing the food chain.
Also people are polluting and messing up estuaries by building factories complexes cities and more. :(
This can change what the animals drink because some animals drink more of the freshwater than the saltwater.
Animals- Fish,shell fish, sea birds,
oysters,mud crabs, small fish, seahorses, blue crabs, sea turtles, and rays.
Habitats in an Estuary: Oyster reefs, coral reefs, rocky shores, submerged aquatic vegetation, marshes, and mangroves.
Ex: Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay- Lies in the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by Maryland and Virginia . Largest estuary in the USA.
Ex: Mississippi River
My most interesting thing about estuaries is that there are a lot of habitats within an estuary.
Estuaries help shorelines from flooding and erosion.
Provides recreational things like swimming, boating, and fishing.
Wet and Dry season.
And the Earth's climate is warming faster than the normal rate so, this is causing the sea level to rise which can result in flooding out estuaries.
When the wind blows causing waves that helps carry energy and help mix nutrients . Large waves mostly caused by storms gives lots of energy also. Energy is released when the waves crash into reefs and sandbars and the shore.

Google Images
Where the river meets the ocean there is no average temperature. It varies on the depth of the water, location, and season.
By:Ashley Rogers
Water Biomes
Saltwater Brackish Water Freshwater
Biomes Science Project
Hello Everyone!! This Is my Biome Science Project Enjoy!!!!
Ashley R.
Ashley C.
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