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Vineland's Leadership Journey


Laura Blunier

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Vineland's Leadership Journey

Under new superintendent in 2002
The Journey Begins

Our school district stresses focus on leadership initiative and implementation of Stephen R. Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Vineland staff begins to participate in staff development aligned with district leadership and 7 Habits initiative..

More than 50% of teachers request copy of Stephen R. Covey’s Leader in Me book for optional summer reading.

Grade 5 teaching team synergizes and is empowered to departmentalize for S/Y 2009/2010.

Visioning - Habit 5 (Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood) and Habit 6 (Synergize) defines Back to School Retreat as we create our vision - What do we want to Have, Do and Be at Vineland Elementary School?

Now the consensus is we want to be the best . . . How do we get there???

Monthly Visioning Committee Meetings begin. Representatives from all grade levels synergize to develop school mission statement and determine which initiatives are high priority based on data collected during 2009 Staff Retreat.
The synergy gains momentum - First school wide Leader in Me workshop, Level I Implementation Training - a direct result of our retreat and the visioning process!

Leadership Vineland 5th Grade Community Service Organization sponsored by Grade 5 Teachers begins to incorporate 7 Habits principles.

The Giving Tree becomes our Leadership Vineland service project - Leadership Vineland students synergize and create a win-win as they collect, sort, and distribute items for needy families in our school at Winter Holiday time.
It's a Win Win as we begin to foster and celebrate faculty and staff leadership.

Green Team Recycling Leaders sponsored by Alice White, Gr 2 Teacher and Environmental Leader, contribute to campus beautification through recycling bin tile project and first annual Earth Day celebration.

Leader in Me Art Show coordinated by Val Cotton, Art Teacher Leader,
during Heron Hoopla (annual school carnival). Our first school-wide event showcasing the artistic talents of each and every Vineland student!
We are well into our journey and want to
learn more from other Leader in Me pioneers.

The first VES team visits English Estates in Fern Park. They are only five hours away and have been incorporating Stephen Covey's 7 Habits into their curriculum. We are excited to see what we can learn from them.

Leader in Me books are provided for staff members without a copy for their summer reading pleasure.

Title I Parent Involvement Planning Team Training - During summer training opportunity staff representatives and VES parents synergize to develop our first Parent Involvement Plan. Our goal is to increase Parent Involvement at VES. This is the first time we have empowered parents as a leadership group. Their feedback and ideas are exciting. Sometimes we have to work to be open-minded but it's worth it!

Enthusiasm builds as we are ready to kick off the 2010-2011 school year. Our Back to School Retreat is productive:

Leadership emerges with the Data Team presentation at our Back to School Retreat - Data tracking through the use of data notebooks, classroom, grade level, and school data walls and their benefits are introduced.

Spring 2010 English Estates Visiting Team present and share exciting ideas for Leader in Me implementation.
AUGUST cont’d

Adrienne McElroy joins us as Assistant Principal. Her focus is on data, discipline and attendance. Monthly Grade Level Data Meetings begin.

New PIPT Team speaks at Open House/Title One Assembly stressing the importance of Parent Involvement. PIPT begins to create a volunteer data base and implements Sign-up Genius, an internet based volunteer recruitment portal.

Readers are Leaders Arena is created, developed, and implemented for third and fourth grade students struggling in the area of reading.

Family Reading Experience Grand Reopening in new location. Community sponsor Lock ‘n Key restaurant makes substantial donation to facilitate initiative. Each time a child checks out three books he/she gets a free keeper book of their choice for their home library. Unprecedented attendance records are off the charts!

First Student-Led
Conference Data Night. Parents are
amazed at student progress and with
how elementary aged children are taking
ownership for their work at school.

First Girls on the Run Team is established.
Second Team visits
English Estates

Volunteer Leader of the Month recognized at Student Leader of the Month Assemblies.

Tile Mosaics completed - Amazing synergy between students,
staff, and parents as each person in our Vineland community
takes part in the creation of our beautification project!
MARCH cont'd

Leadership tour guides evolve.

Vineland community and The Home Depot synergize to create outdoor classroom. Bonus beautification of school entrance due to leftover plants leaves everyone smiling!

Community leadership begins to be infused into our school.

First Leadership Day held in conjunction with traditional annual Career Day. Community leaders are asked to share leadership roles with students and students share school leadership roles with them. It's a Win-Win!

Excitement builds and Mini Leadership Day is executed at the request of feeder middle school Principal. Sixth grade teaching team attends to get ideas for implementation at the middle school level.

Lighthouse Team forms with staff, student and parent representatives.

Team participates in Lighthouse Team Training Level I with FranklinCovey Senior Consultant Lonnie Moore.

Third VES team visits English Estates.

Leadership Beautification Environment additions include Fifth Grade
mural, hallway street signs, bathroom improvements and more.

Curriculum is suspended for the first week of school to lay the foundation for the 7 Habits, establish school rules, set goals, develop mission statements, and create data notebooks.

Student Journalists evolve as a new leadership role.

Heron Hangout Before and After School Enrichment Program is
established to enrich students and make money.

Open House - First Community Expo coordinated by PIPT

Leadership Vineland Tour Guides host district Guidance Counselor visit.

Student Lighthouse Team established.

Parent Involvement initiative continues as we begin iMom and All Pro Dad Breakfast Meetings.

Leader in Me Banner presented to Vineland Elementary School. We are officially a Leader in Me school!

Suspend curriculum for review of 7 Habits, prepare for Leadership Day, and participate in door decorating contest during Thanksgiving Week.

Hold second annual Leadership Day with focus on spotlighting student leadership, sharing Leadership journey and implementation of Leader in Me.

Staff Participate in Empowerment Day Level 2 Leader in Me Implementation Training with Eric Stenlake.

Level 2 Lighthouse team training, with Lonnie Moore and Eric Stenlake, Achieving Schoolwide Goals.


Continue monthly Lighthouse Team Meetings with focus on WIGs.

Second Annual Family 7 Habits Project - Students are challenged to teach someone at home the 7 Habits. Students who successfully complete the project during the month of March will receive a leadership ribbon and be eligible to participate in a special Leadership Luncheon with Principal Blunier and Assistant Principal McElroy. Our Goal of 80% participation was obtained.

Complete spring campus beautification projects including Fifth Grade mural, Reading Recess benches and more.
Formal Lighthouse Review with FranklinCovey Quality Team.

K-2 VES Teacher Leaders pilot Standards Based Report Cards for Charlotte County Public Schools.


Data and Desserts Student led
Conferencing Night.

Lighthouse team members attend Neil Armstrong Leadership Day.

Students take on public speaking leadership roles at Quarterly Awards and Leader of the Month assemblies.
K-2 VES Teacher Leaders Pilot Standards Based Report Cards for Charlotte County Public Schools
Vineland Elementary was named the 26th Lighthouse School in the nation on May 2012.
Vineland Elementary is named the 26th Lighthouse School in May 2012.
Our journey doesn't end there...
Our Journey doesn't end there, actually it is just beginning.
“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Ernest Hemingway
August 2012
We begin the school year with our annual retreat focusing on Leadership. We complete a review of Thinking Maps: Next Steps in Leadership, Annual Data Analysis, and Ideal Teacher

Lighthouse Banner Presentation

Summer Reading and Math Challenge Celebration

Keys to Success Parent Nights in each grade level

Heron Project by Denise Alexander

Do Dads added as a piece of All Pro Dads

New Student Orientation with Principal Blunier
Begin collaboration with the Placida Rotary for a Peace Project

LA Ainger Partnership with our Back Pack for Kids Program funded by East Englewood Church of Christ

Englewood Area Cancer Foundation - Wings of Hope

At our annual end of year breakfast our focus is Habit 8 - Find Your Voice. We encourage each staff member to share their passion with our school family.
-New WIGs established

-FOCUS on attendance

-Merging our PBS and Leadership initiatives
Selected as a Symposium tour site.
Superintendent focuses on data mining.

VES is the first school in the district to have 100% of faculty Seven Habits Trained!

After almost 20 years VES population begins to change. Free and reduced lunch rate doubles. students become more difficult to reach and student success declines.
We are on our way...
PBS/Leader in Me Team meet during the summer and synergize to plan implementation of school vision as determined by recommendations from Visioning committee. During this time the committee develops mission statement, recreates logo, and establishes plan for implementation of rigorous academic and leadership focus.
We will ensure a positive educational environment where students master academic and leadership skills preparing them to be life long learners.
All staff members write mission statements. Parent Involvement Planning Team (PIPT) volunteers have been recruited to display staff mission statements along with photos outside each staff member's workspace.

Educational teams collaborate and plan activities for the first week of school. Academic curriculum is to be suspended for the first week with the focus on Beginning with the End in Mind by setting expectations for the school year. Additional activities include an introduction the 7 Habits along with individual goal setting, creating data notebooks and developing class mission statements (to be featured on the morning news).
First Family Leadership Homework Project--students are charged to develop a poster of one of the habits with family members, winning posters will be displayed on campus to depict the 7 Habits.

Second Student-led Conference Night -
Students share data notebooks with families.
Every year the students leave a part of them behind after they graduate from 5th grade. We started with the tree and the students had their handprints for the leaves. This past year they did bees. This year we will be doing something different. This way the students know how important they are and that they made a contribution to our school.
Our students serve the school community through club activities and service.
As our students track attendance data, our rates of attendance have increased significantly.
Students track their progress
These signs represent what we expect of our students and what they expect of themselves. This came from our positive behavior plan. When students display these behaviors they are rewarded with Heron Heroes.
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