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Scarlet Fever

No description

addie schipper

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever
By: Brielle, Addie, Makayla, Chris

The disease usually appears 3 days after exposure to a person with scarlet fever. You may not notice the symptoms until after 1-7 days of having it.
Swollen tongue
Red sore throat
Scarlet Rash
Fever 101 degrees
abdominal pain
(Source 2)
There are a few ways that you can prevent Scarlet Fever. First, you can avoid adults and children that have strep throat since that bacteria is the same as what causes Strep Throat. Another way that you can prevent it is to not share utensils with anyone that has strep throat or has been exposed to it. The final way to prevent it is easy! WASH YOUR HANDS! This is the easiest way to prevent Scarlet Fever and is something that everyone can do. (Source 2)
The type of pathogen that causes this disease is Group A streptococcal bacteria.
This is the same bacteria that causes strep throat. Scarlet Fever is also known scientifically as erythrogenic exotoxin. (Sources 1 & 2)
Scarlet Fever was a very deadly disease that caused an epidemic in 1867. Children ages 5 to 15 are much more likely to develop Scarlet Fever because the scarlet fever germs spread quicker among a lot of people. Children 5 to 15 go to school which allows the germ to move efficiently threw the class. Recent Scarlet Fever Data- (2010) The number of reports has increased gradually from 36 cases recorded in September, to 66 cases in October and 134 cases in November. In December (as of December 14) has recorded 53 cases.
(Source 2 and 4)
Scarlet Rash
Scarlet rash is bright red color and feels like sandpaper, it first appears on the neck and chest then all over the body. This is the most common symptom of Scarlet Fever and is also the most obvious one of all of them. (Source 2)


The number one treatments for Scarlet Fever are antibiotics. Penicillin was commonly used in the 1800's to cure Scarlet Fever but is not used any more because the bacteria has been able to become immune to the antibiotics. Some antibiotics that are used today include
(Source 3)

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Scarlet Fever History
Scarlet Fever Today vs. the 1800 and 1900
Thanks for watching!!!!!!!
Scarlet Fever Videos
Link To Jeopardy Game:
Scarlet Fever has not always been treatable. In the Victorian-era, worst scenario all of a families children die in a matter of a week or two. Friedrich Loeffler was able to show the bacteria that caused Scarlet Fever in 1884, but, his findings did not explain how patients with pharyngeal (a bacteria) did not always develop Scarlet Fever. It was not until 1924 when a vaccine was made by Gladys Henry Dick and George Frederick Dick. Later the vaccine was replaced with the famous penicillin in the 1940s.
(Source 5)
There are not currently any vaccines. The vaccine developed by George and Gladys Dick was discontinued because of the lack of efficiency and the development of antibiotics.

(Source 5)
Spreading Scarlet Fever
Scarlet Fever is most commonly spread from inhaling the bacteria which is why this disease spread so rapidly. This disease can also be spread by skin contact. Another but very rare way to spread scarlet fever happened in China were the bacteria was spread through infected food.

Time for Jeopardy! Test Your Knowledge! What do you remember?

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