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Marigolds Storyboard

Watson EA

Elizabeth Erwin

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Marigolds Storyboard

Marigolds A storyboard of pages 124-126 By Elizabeth Erwin About this shot: Music/Sound: Diagetic; it will be completely silent as the kids think of what to do until Joey speaks. Dialogue: Joey will say," Tell you what, let's us go over to Miss Lottie's." Lighting: Side Lighting from the high sun giving Joey a mischievous look as we zoom in to his face. Framing: A medium shot at first, then a zoom will show us Joey's face in a close up as you hear his brilliant idea. END About this shot: Dialogue: Simultaneously from all the kids as we see their faces say things like "Yeah!" "Sounds good!" "Let's go!" To show that the kids approve of Joey's idea. Framing: Long shot and a pan to the right at eye level. Music/Sound: Diagetic. This may include things like a distant dog barking or tree leaves rustling in the wind. Lighting: Front lighting. It will make the mischievous kids seem more innocent so the audience won't suspect what they're about to do. About this shot: Framing: This shot will be an establishing shot. It will go from a long shot to a close up on sleeping John Burke. Music/Sound: Non-Diagetic Sounds would be a few strums of a banjo to give the feeling you're in the middle of nowhere and that something is about to happen. Dialogue: Light snoring from John Burke as you zoom in on his face for his close up. Lighting: High key lighting like you're in the middle of a desert in the summer to make the house look as ugly as possible. About this shot: Framing: Long shot to close up on Joey's face as he talks then a pan on each kid's face around him as they speak their true thoughts about Miss Lottie. Music/Sound: Diagetic. Since they're hiding behind some bushes you could easily hear the sound of crunching leaves and bush branches in the wind especially considering the dry weather. Dialogue: First Joey will whisper," There she is!" Then Lizabeth will appear next to him (as the camera pans) and say," She's fooling with them crazy flowers!" After Lizabeth speaks the other kids will say their disapproval with things like," Yuck!" "Ew!" "She's a witch!" "Look at that Witch with those witch flowers!" Lighting: Low key lighting since they are hiding. About this shot: Framing: Long shot of Miss Lottie hunched over her flowers. Have a color effect where the marigolds seem almost soft compared to the sharpness of everything else, it will make the marigolds seem more dream-like. Music/Sound: Diagetic sounds. Soft humming from Miss Lottie as she works. Dialogue: NONE besides Miss Lottie's humming. Lighting: EXTREMELY HIGH KEY! With the sun overhead and the brightness from the flowers, the audience will squint because everything is so bright. About This Shot: Framing: A medium shot at a low angle as Miss Lottie works on her flowers to make her seem very hardworking. Music/Sound: Diagetic. Since Miss Lottie will be working in a garden in the middle of a summer day, there might not be noticeable background sound. Dialogue: Miss Lottie will be breathing very heavily since she is an old lady and is working very hard in her flower garden. Then as this shot is about to cut to another we will hear Lizabeth say," Yeh, look at 'er." Lighting: Bright side lighting from the sun combined with the darker lighting on Miss Lottie's face from her hat will make Miss Lottie seem like an innocent but scary old lady. About this shot: Framing: Eye level long shot with a slow zoom on Lizabeth's face. Music/Sound: Diagetic, considering the amount of dialogue in this shot, background noise isn't needed. Dialogue and Action: The shot will start with Joey sitting next to Lizabeth as they look out at Miss Lottie. Joey will turn behind him to the other kids and say," Ya'll git some stones." After he says this he will get up and leave Lizabeth sitting alone. (This is where the zoom on Lizabeth's face will start). There will be a pause in dialogue as you see the kids behind Lizabeth collecting stones. Then Joey will say," Come on, Lizabeth." But Lizabeth will stay where she is. Lighting: Low key, but remember it's the middle of the day, so it will be more like a shade-like lighting, not complete darkness. About this shot: Framing: Long shot from a slight low angle to make Joey seem more menacing. Music/Sound: Diagetic. This is a very suspenseful moment and background music would not be fitting. Dialogue: "You scared Lizabeth?" Joey will say and then you will hear snickers from the other kids directed towards Lizabeth who will stay silent in this shot. Lighting: Still Low Key lighting, but there will be slightly brighter lighting coming from the side that the audience can assume is coming from a shaded sun. About this shot: Framing: An extreme close up on Lizabeth's face at eye level. Music/Sound: Diagetic. In the background before Lizabeth speaks you will still hear the snickers from the other kids that will immediately cease as soon as Lizabeth opens her mouth. Dialogue: Lizabeth will say, "Ya'll children get the stones, I'll show you how to use 'em." Lighting: The shot will start with back lighting from behind Lizabeth and will very gradually change to bottom lighting. About this shot: Framing: A medium shot at a low angle, not looking upward so that you only see people from the waist down. Then there will be a slight pan to the right. Music/Sound: Diagetic. The sound of Lizabeth getting up and walking over to the pile of stones and picking one up. Dialogue and Action: Lizabeth will walk towards the pile of stones, pick one up and say," Come on, ya'll." Lighting: Low key (again low key lighting for the middle of the day, not the middle of the night).
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