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Chinese big question

No description

alice zhang

on 6 August 2010

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Transcript of Chinese big question

The Big Question Q: What is commonly eaten in your household? Q: What are some
festivals that are
important to you? Food Chinese Restaurants Yum Cuisine Dim sim Noodles ETC. Rice Desserts Mantou Tea teehee Dishware China e.g. bowls and plates Chopsticks Grocery Stores C:ulture Chinese festivals

smiley face :) Mid-autumn festival
lantern festival
Chinese new Yr
Lion and Dragon dances Chinese zodiac Lunar Calendar Language and Art Religion Buddhism is the most common religion in China, but many chinese people in Australia are Christian now, or are atheists Jade jewellery are also
worn by the religious Chinese Temples Chinese School Chinese Calligraphy usually landscape art art schools special tools
such as the calligraphy set China town also... A lot of stuff is
MADE IN CHINA. Entertainment
Channel Music adele! XD CHINESE MEDICINE Yuck. Acupuncture. Cupping. Thanks for Watching! by Lisa Alice and Kelly :] + Chinese Dramas On/Off Achoo! when we are sick, our parents sometimes give us That's it folks! Q: Where is everything made?
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