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The Secret Lion

Junior Great Books Inquiry Discussion

Shelly Mitchell

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of The Secret Lion

The Secret Lion by: Alberto Alvaro Rios What are some ideas or qualities that you associate with "Lion"? Why does the author say that
Jr. High is like a lion? Why does he say that in jr. High
"school wasn't school"? Why does "shouting every dirty word
we could think of and in every combination
we could come up with" make the boys
feel better? Why are the boys so convinced that if they take the grinding balls home with them, they will be taken away? Do you feel, like the narrator,
that adults tend to take things away? Do you think, like the narrator, that we have
to lose something in order to grow up? Why is the loss of the grinding ball
compare to the loss of heaven on the golf course?
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