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Charles Lindbergh 1927 Hero

No description

Michelle D'Souza

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Charles Lindbergh 1927 Hero

Charles Lindbergh's 1927

Trans - Atlantic Flight Michelle D'Souza
7 Purple Charles Lindbergh’s
impact of this flight
were important in the 1920's. Thesis Preparation
flight school in Nebraska
Purchased WWI era plane
Stunt tours Flight of the Century Raymond Orteig $25,000
Customized Spirit of Saint Louis
Trans-Atlantic over 2,000 miles
The Spirit of St. Louis.
Lindbergh's customized historic plane Lindbergh and Raymond Orteig after the flight.
Orteig congratulating Lindbergh on his feat. Daredevil Lindbergh preparing for flight.
He was aslo nicknamed "slim" at flight school Ryan Flying Co. customized Lindbergh's planes.
The company gave Lindbergh practice with planes. Impact on the 1920's Lone Eagle and Lucky Lindy
$25,000 from Orteig and inspired thousands
Three Weeks later was Lindbergh Day Lindbergh Day: parade through the streets.
Bands marched through New York. Lindbergh's path to France.
He flew directly over the Atlantic. Key Facts Traveled over 2,000 miles in 33.5 hours
Lindbergh won the Congressional Medal of Honor
His first son was kidnapped and killed
Parade on streets for Lindbergh Day
Lindbergh's plane was 5,200 pounds Key Facts Cont. Lindbergh's plane needed 450 gallons of fuel
Recieved the French Chevalier Legion of Honor
Some say the greatest hero of 1920's
First non-stop solo trans-atlantic flight
May 20-21, 1927; Long Island to Paris
Thanks for Watching
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