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Subjective vs Objective

No description

Dustin VanGundy

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Subjective vs Objective

Subjective vs Objective Understanding the Difference Objective Jefferson High School is located at 2305 Pierce St. Ms. Hafer is a high school English teacher. I feel like no one understands me. Subjective or Objective? Objective Language Examples of Objective Language Objective Information is: Subjective Information is: Examples of Subjective Language Subjective Language Subjective -She did not want to...
-He doesn't like...
-She thought...
-He feels...
-She needs...
-He was just trying to get me to...
-He was just trying to control me... 1. He thinks the Broncos are choke artists.

2. She doesn't like popcorn.

3. They need to get their act together. -Observable: able to be seen, touched, heard, smelled, or tasted.
-Able to be counted.
-Able to be described.
-As close to the truth as we can get. -I saw...
-I counted...
-I observed...
-This is what he did...
-She said... 1. I saw the teacher pick his nose.

2. I was born in 1977.

3. She said she went to the store to buy some new
clothes. Objective Ms. Hafer is the best high school English teacher. Objective -Opinion
-Rumor Eminem is the best lyricist in the rap game. Subjective Objective Subjective She feels confused in Algebra. Subjective
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