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Natural Disasters

A natural disasters are destructive forces in nature, which lead to death and alot of damage

Khudadadad Khan

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters Tornadoes Volcanic Eruption Tsunami Hurricanes Earthquakes Lightning Strikes Thunderstorms Famous Hurricanes Hurricane Katrina Krakatoa Anvil shaped storm cloud A swirling mass of wind, which can cause huge amounts of damage and, has wind speeds up to 400km/h Events in nature which cause destruction and death A discharge of electricity during a storm accompied by thunder
Lightning can travel at 130,000 mph or 60,000m/s
When tectonic plates under the earth's crust collide with each other the surface of the earth shakes which causes building to collapse and as a result people die. An underwater earth quake which pushes water towards the land.
They travel at about 800km/h
Video of the 2009 tsunami http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Samoa_tsunami_animation_20090929_samoa_a.ogv.
It is the 6 strongest catagorey 5 hurricane, with a maximum wind speed of 280km/h
A hurricane is a large group of thunder storms that produce heavy rain and strong winds as they orbit the low pessure center Essentialy a hole in the planets surface which allows magma to escape from it when their is enough pressure Karakatoa one of the most famous volcano in the world Thunder storms are stroms that occur in the presence of thunder and lightning
Thunder storms are also known s electrical storms or lightning storms
Tornadoes are created in very power ful thunder storms known as super cells Super cell The tempreture of lightning can be 30,000 degrees celcius!!! The worst earth quake was the 1556 shaanxi earthquake with a magnitude of 8 on the rector scale with about Mount tambora erupting
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