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Staff Training: Marketing/Sales

No description


on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of Staff Training: Marketing/Sales

Where does CET fit with
Major Providers
IES: 125+ programs, 35+ locations, 5,700 students a year
CIEE: 200 programs; 60 cities
Niche Market
Programs & Journeys
Our reputation
"The best kept secret in study abroad."
Our Team
Institutional Relations
Web & print
Big picture
Overall sales
Partner relations
Individual sales
Voice needs
CET's Approach to
Above Board
Respecting our partners
Never disparaging competition
In keeping with the Standards established by the Forum on Education Abroad
Seek opportunities with partner...
Ask good questions
Listen for unmet needs/frustrations
Consider CET strengths
Don't just sell TO them
How does this apply to
Current Sales
Campus Relations
Corresponding with partners
Recruiting students
Alumni relations
Dailies - Write home institution.
Incident Reporting
Clery and Title 9
Hosting visitors
Interacting with visitors and partners at RD Gras / US campus visits
Regular & direct communication
Soft sales
Learn and anticipate needs
Realistic/truthful expectations
CETCA - recommendations
Culture of lifelong CET fans
CET Top 10
10. Cornell University
9. Syracuse University
8. Brandeis University
7. University of Texas
6. University of Virginia
5. Yale University
4. University of North Carolina
3. Middlebury College
2. American University
1. Vanderbilt University
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