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Quantum Rose

No description

Richard Hu

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Quantum Rose

Quantum Rose A Game as Journey by Ni Hu WHAT Memory Restoration & Retrospect "Quantum" Game Mechanics Gameplay Storytelling HOW WHO AND... SO... When ? ? is about to leave the world behind,
It is the time when the Quantum Rose smiles to him.
Before the true eternity embraces him,
Reminiscence starts to flow:
His adolescence,
? ?’s perfume in ‘s music,
The spectre of that he has been obsessed with for a lifetime,
that never changes but changed him,
And that blue Quantum Rose he once felt in a trance... Challenge Journey @Timecontr0ller
timecontroler.me Locations Items/Puzzles "Macro" Quantum State & Uncertainty Principle Observer Effect-Object Behaviour "Reward" Impressionist Visual Style Music Features Story & Plots Story Arc Integrated with Emotions People who want a game experience more of EMPATHY, than of PLEASURE or ACHIEVEMENT 1-2 Hours' Game as Journey To reach audience on:
PC (Steam) for £10,
IOS & Android for £5 Expand to PSN/XBLA when sales goal is reached Development team: 3 Game "ARTISTS"
Estimated Development Cycle: 1 year
Estimated Development Cost: £70,000+ 2D Platformer This journey ends here.
Hope the game's journey can go on Q&A Engage in Quantum State to Pass Book Walls Shift Between Quantum & Normal State to Pass Platforms
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