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No description

Cassandra B

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of You~Are~What~You~Eat.

~ You Are What You Eat ~ Cassandra B. Monday April 12th For breakfast I had, Honey Nut Cheerios For lunch I had a; salami sandwich. I had a bunch of snacks between lunch and supper. One snack I had was a piece of carrot cake I also had a doughnut and chocolate milk from Tim Hortons. I had just had a volleyball game, so I was really hungry and ate And we stopped at Tim Hortons again so I got another milk. When I got home after my volleyball game I had some pizza and garlic fingers. another sandwich. Tuesday April 13th I forgot what I ate because I didnt record it, so I added another day to my list. Wednesday April 14th Breakfast; Again I forgot what I ate, but only for breakfast. Lunch; I had chicken fingers with ranch dressing as dip. My little snack during class, blueberries. I didnt have much for supper. I attempted to eat some
hot dogs but only ate bout half of one and couldnt eat
anything else. I wasn't feeling very well :( Thursday April, 15th Breakfast. I had a yogurt and English Muffin. snack; I had a Rice Krispie Square. Lunch; I bought two Cafeteria "pizza wrap" 's & a chocolate milk. the pizza wrap is like a tortilla with
pizza ingredients on it all wraped up. Snack; a piece of chocolate cake. Supper; I had Kraft Dinner a pork chop and some corn. .... and a glass of milk! Friday April, 16th Breakfast; I ate HONEY NUT CHEERIOS
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