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The Streets of Canon

No description

caleb kendrick

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of The Streets of Canon

The Streets of Canon
Young love can break down the boundary's of previous generations. In the text, it says "If I (Pepe) come back tomorrow night, will you walk around the square with me?" This shows that Pepe is in love with her and wants to marry her, even though she is from San Juan Iglesias.
The setting of The Streets of Canon is in a small town, San Juan Iglesias, at a girls 18th birthday party. We know this because the story says "It was May, the flowering thorn was sweet in the air, and the billage of San Juan Iglesias in the Valley of the Three Marys was celebrating
Plot diagram
The short story "The Streets of Canon" is about two feuding villages (Hidalgo and San Juan Iglesias) in Mexico. The villages are feuding over who gets to keep the bones of Don Romolo Balderas (a famous figure). One night three men from the village of Hidalgo went to the village of San Juan to try and steal the bones. The villagers ran them off, but the leader of the group fell in love with one of the village girls. Then, 3 months later, the Hidalgo man showed u pat th egirls 18th birthday party. After a quick dance with the birthday girl, his identity was revealed and he fled into the darkness of the night.
The tone of the selection is ironic and deceitful. Our group believes this because it says in the story, "All the world knows that the men of Hidalgo are sons of the mountain witches." This is Pepe speaking, a man from Hidalgo himself.
The conflict in the story is that the man from Hidalgo is in love with the girl from San Juan Iglesias, who he can't be with. We know this because it says "The people of Hidalgo and San Juan Iglesias do not speak.
The conflict is an internal conflict.
Pepe Gonzalez: Pepe is a very smart witted and clever man. His cleverness is shown when the story says, "once a dog barked, the mans black suit merged into the blackness of the wall, and after a moment when no voice called out he slid into the dirt packed street again." Pepe is a flat, dynamic because in the story, he changes and falls in love with the girl.

Sarita: Sarita is a flat, static character in the story. She is turning 18, and is the girl that Pepe falls in love with. Sarita is a flirtatious character in the story, as the story says "she blushed to her roots of her hair and shyly lowered her white lids." this shows that she is easily flattered and embarrased when it comes to men.

Don Romolo Calderon: Don is a static, flat character. He is a very proud father and likes to have a good time. In the story, it states " Come and drink a toast to my daughter- to my beautiful Sarita. She is 18 this night." This shows that he is a loving and caring father.
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