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Flipping the Library Classroom

"no-lecture" library instruction to keep students engaged

Claire Ruswick

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Flipping the Library Classroom

"No-lecture" library instruction to keep students engaged
Claire Ruswick & Sundeep Mahendra
Mary Baldwin College
Flipped classroom definition:
Stanford EdTech. (2013 May 13). Flickr.Retrieved from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stanfordedtech/8747269061/sizes/c/in/photostream/

Jonathan Bermann and Aaron Sams:
ASCD website. Retrieved from: http://www.ascd.org/professional-development/webinars/flipped-classroom-webinars.aspx

Lecture class:
Mira (on the wall). Flickr. Retrieved from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmj171188/
students can work at their own pace
targeted instruction
in-depth subjects in class
large lecture classes
shown to be effective
In the Library
Use in-class time for:
1. individual research time
2. active learning activities
Kate Ganski's blog
Four Practical Activities
1. Searching the databases

2. Website evaluation competition

3. Keywords and search queries

4. Identifying primary sources
Searching the Databases
Before class...
Database basics:
Finding full-text journal articles
Identifying scholarly articles
In Class:
Searching the Databases
clicker quiz
Website Evaluation Competition
Before class:
In class:
Mashable.(2011). Google search infographic.
group activity
Keywords and Search Queries:
Before class:
In class:
Identifying Primary Sources
Hosier, A. (2012). "When teachers are taught to learn: using team-based learning as a first-time information literacy instructor." College & Research Libraries News 73(9), 524-527.
Before class:
In class:
accountability for pre-class materials
coordinating with faculty
time spent planning
At Grafton Library
8 sections of a one-credit Information Literacy course, INT103
course-integrated instruction
use active learning and in-class research time

Jonathan Bergmann
Aaron Sams
Librarian's role
individual help
group feedback

I like the interactive aspect
where we divided into groups and searched on our own”
“very nice tutorial and

hands on experience

“enjoyed that we got to go up and show the class and Ms. Datig
gave us tips while we were up there

About the pre-class materials:
About the in-class activities:
"The class website materials were
extremely helpful
" - faculty
I wish more students would have watched the videos
. I even reminded them in class." - faculty
"I think it
helped generate questions
for today's lesson" - student
What pre-class materials
? I don't think we were given these" - student
"The pre-class materials helped me to
understand what would be done in class
." - student
" They gave me a
great start for class
."- student
Benjes-Small, C. & Tuker, K. (July 2013). Keeping up with flipped classrooms. Association of College and Research Libraries.
Retrieved from: http://www.ala.org/acrl/publications/keeping_up_with/

Berrett, D. (2012 February 24). How 'Flipping' the Classroom Can Improve the Traditional Lecture. Chronicle Of Higher Education 58 (25), A16-A18.

Catone, J. (2011 November 24). How to use google search more effectively. Mashable. Retrieved from: http://mashable.com/2011/11/24/google-search-infographic/

Ganski, K. (2013 March 28). Flipping freshman composition library instruction [Web log post]. Retrieved from: http://ganski.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/flipping-freshman-composition-library-instruction/

George, M. (2008). The elements of library research: what every student needs to know. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Hosier, A. (2012). When teachers are taught to learn: using team-based learning as a first-time information literacy instructor. College & Research Libraries News 73(9), 524-527.

Image Credits:
Flipped classroom experiences?

Claire- cruswick@mbc.edu
Sundeep- smahendra@mbc.edu

What is a flipped classroom?
Recent Popularity
Communication is Key!
Searching the Databases
Relevant databases at Grafton
Search techniques
Finding full-text
Identifying articles for research topic
Scholarly sources
Website Evaluation Competition
evaluating websites based on the C.R.A.P. criteria
advanced search techniques for search engines
Keywords and Search Queries
brainstorming keywords from a research question
boolean operators
advanced search techniques
searching the Library Catalog
Identifying Primary Sources
characteristics of a primary source
relating a primary source to a research question
types of primary sources
"the way you presented and got us involved
helped me learn a lot
very helpful, creative approach
to teaching"
Future Plans
Full transcript