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No description

Mercedez Berry

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Family

Principals of conflict management in the family include:

What is a Family?
A family is a system with two or more interdependent people who have a common history and a present reality,and who expect to influence each other in the future.
Poor Communication
Different Values / Ideas
Lack of Time
Families loose their closeness

Prioritize family values and establish tradition
More people = more complex communication
Suggested Activity
Family Group Therapy
Lack of Boundaries
Boundaries -
limits a family sets on its members' actions
Families should openly negotiate boundaries
Boundaries allow balance for connection and autonomy
Boundaries allow balance for openness and closeness

Communication Difficulties
Difficulties in communication can come from several different factors. Some of the difficulties people might face when communicating with their families are:
Poor communication
Friendships/ Relationships
Lack of patience
Lack of time
Lack of boundaries
Opposing expectations
Different values/ ideas
External factors
Clear vs. Masked

communication is when messages are spoken plainly and the content is easily understood by the other family members.
communication occurs when the message is muddied or vague
Direct vs. Indirect

communication is if the person spoken to is the person for whom the message is intended.
communication is if the message is not directed to the person for whom it is intended.
By: Mercedez Berry
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Focus on Manageable Issues
Share Appreciations as Well as Gripes
Seek Win-Win Solutions
Family members have distinct characteristics
We don't all have the same values and ideas
Values include religion, marriage, morals, respect, honesty, responsibility, etc.
Help dealing with Conflict
Improve communication skills
Identify strengths and weakness
Set goals
Engage in family activities
Overcome Difficulties
Maintain positive relationships
Overcome conflict
Use confirming messages

Time is essential
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