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Plant cell to a softball field

I compared a plant cell to a softball team

Amber Schraufnagel

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant cell to a softball field

Plant Cell to a Softball Team
The nucleus is like the brain of the cell.It stores all of information that the cell needs to function. The nucleus is also the biggest organelle.
Ribosomes are the organelles that process proteins that the cell needs in order to function.They are what makes up the cell.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane encloses the organelles and cytoplasm inside.
The players' helmets
The helmets of the softball players are like the cell membrane of a plant cell because they protect and keep together the player's head just like the membrane protects the cell.
The coach of a softball team is the head of the team,they are in charge.He/she has information needed to play softball.The coach is much like a nucleus because of that.
The nucleus is like ......
The Coach
Ribosomes are like ....
The players
They players of a softball team are like the ribosomes in a cell because they process information that the coach tells them.The information they are told is needed to win the game!!The players are what makes up the team.
The cell membrane is like....
Cytoplasm houses all the organells in a cell it acts like gel around them.
Cytoplasm is like..
The Bat Bags of a Softball Team
The bat bags of a softball team act as the central vacuole because they store players water and gear for them.
Central Vacuole
The central vacuole of a cell is only found in a plant cell.It stores water and materials for the cell.
The uniforms of a softball team
The uniforms are what the players are wearing they are what makes them a team just like how the cytoplasm makes organelles part of the cell.
The central vacuole is like..
By:Amber Schraufnagel
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