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An anarchival book of the movement-moving of #adventurecapital

This is an anarchival book designed to watch FULLSCREEN. It was co-created as a part of SenseLab's Distributing the Insensible - Performing the Anarchive event December, 2016.

anique vered

on 24 December 2016

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Transcript of An anarchival book of the movement-moving of #adventurecapital

One score for anarchiving the movement-moving of a social-economic site of study
A social-economic site of study is made of interdimensional environments that are transversally, problematically and (im)materially related. These environments are fields of intensities, that through their affective relations touch and are touched by the coming-together of multiplicities. Relations weave and intersect with differentials of value informing and giving form to social-economic spaces, spaces that are also the processes of the environments’ movement-moving.
The traces-faces that emerged
Here are
some extra assets :
Anarchiving Finance - a free indirect deck about the re-engineering of money
Crafting the attractors into the “environments” that make up the social-economic site of study
STEP TWO: Revealing the environments that make up the site of study

STEP THREE: Coming-together in a co-created environment

STEP FOUR: Anarchiving the movement-moving

took form

The crafting is based on what you want to understand and how, in the coming together in the site of study, the process can both reveal and actualize an understanding of how it touches and can be touched, and cultivate its movement-moving.

This specifically occurs through a “coming-together” and exploring anarchival techiniques to emerge “traces”. These “traces” become the medium through which the environments reveal and create themselves, specifically by playing with them through “constellations.”
Bring the traces together to begin exploring “constellation” sets. Constellations are a result of the environment that is being affected by the lenses of this “study.” They are a manifestation of the passed-future-felt together, of what has been and only being seen in this way, here. They create and immanently reveal the movement of the social life of study. They are the qualities of the connections, they are the felt-tones in the air affected by and affecting the environments of the “event” and of the “study.” And the environments between and through them. Constellations as a result of these environments, reveal themselves through the emergent coming-to-being-seen that the study enables - ie. the form and medium of the constellations only takes shape through the affective study of them (yet-to-be-determined).

Trilogy derivatives
Gestures of value
Considering the meta-environment of the process, ask how it has revealed and actualized a coming-together in different environments. It is vital that this consideration both speaks to the anarchic nature of the process and also takes form in a legible and inviting way.
The (im)possibility of coming together

a suspended moment 18:48, Sunday 18 December
Anarchiving the movement-moving of #adventurecapital
Econauting tokens
in the meantime of the anarchive
Click here to read
Ask what you want to understand and how it can be understood. For example, in the case of “#adventurecapital”, a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) platform in development:
The ways in which touch is shared
Fields of shared intensity (as value)
Impersonal experiences of the movement of what’s emerging (this became the basis for the process’ coming-into-life)
Choose “environments”
for the interdimensional site of study

Propose “lenses”
for entering the site of study.
For example, in the case of #adventurecapital:
- An archive-like slack channel that is turned inside-out through opening up its points of entry via anarchival processes
- This “event” here - for example: “Distributing the Insensible: Performing the Anarchive” (10 - 20 December 2016, Montreal, with 70 SenseLab affiliates)
- The Becoming-Econauts projects
- The meta-environment: the process of anarchiving the site of study’s movement-moving

Enter and explore the site of study through the given lenses with anarchival techniques initially proposed or emergently devised.

Trace affective relations and the site’s coming-to-form through anarchival techniques.
For example:
- “Read” the channel somehow. Notate how and when you are touched.
- Situate yourself in the “events” of the channel and the becoming-with its movement and topology. For example, choose a punctuation mark - such as a semi-colon - when is this used, how is this used, why could it be used? Trace it.
- Trace the mutation of a moment (as “landing site”)’s becoming-form - siting the “fielding,” immanently/ impersonally.
Find connections between forms/ forms of emergence/ directionalities of emergence.
- Where are the transversals? Trace them.
- Velocity / duration - are their very strong enunciations that become propellers for the movement of the channel?

A bare constellation space is opened. A trace is chosen. Another trace is chosen that has some kind of “connection” to it - by finding tendencies, relations, tensions. As the traces and people come-together, people fabulate multiple “constellations,” and an affective mapping, a kind of cartography of traces reveals itself. Constellations don’t need to be perfect or complete, but rather let the emergent environment reveal them. Constellations can reveal problematizations, new spaces or perspectives to the study.

Allow these traces to emerge into multiplicities of forms that expand the site of study. For example, a phrase, a long text, a video, a diagram, an audio piece, an image.

Capture the traces into the medium of “trace-faces.”
These could be otherwise thought of as a carrier for thought. Trace-faces are a simple way of enabling play that enables movement moving through different environments. They are ultimately a kind of a shorthand or distillation of the traces, in order for them to be legible and played with.
- Use the traceface cards as a medium to reveal the connections between traces, the movement of traces and their coming together as multiplicities. They make traces liquid, remixable content with-which the environment fabulates.
- There is the possibility for trace-faces to travel from one environment to another, to act as “emissaries” or a kind of currency, that enable the movement-moving of the site of study.

Each individual introduces the traces that they have “captured”, to create a heterogeneous reading of how the traces are being read.
Make multiple - 5 or more - constellations that give momentum to the movement of and around the site of study
What were the primary means and the key qualities that emerged through the process’ becoming? For example, the mediums, the modes, how people entered, impersonal relations, transversality, the environments’ very creation.
Dive into each means/ quality and highlight the core factors, problematics, connections and (im)possibilities.

Stand back. Sleep. Return. Re-enter. Within various constraints - such as time and resources available - map out the interdimensional environments, knowing that their interdimensionality, and ultimately this site of study, can never be completely captured and continues. Share.

This sharing is the movement-moving moving itself transversally, emerging other environments and social-economic sites of study towards the (im)possibility of coming-together.

Amazonian Space Travel: a multidirectional itinerary with undefined destinations for eluding capture (by the archive)
Adventure Capital Econautic Consultancy
Spoken word
psycho-social financing
Game recipe
Emergent traces of relation
Claire with
night dancer
Laura with
night dancer
Movements through (im)materialities of the slack
Econauting the Impossible
in United Airlines' Economy Class
(press play and listen...)
(press play and listen...)
(press play...)
Anarchiving Finance - a video
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