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The Role of Computers In Different Environments

The Role of Computers In Different Environments

Ian Moss

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Role of Computers In Different Environments

The Role of Computers In Different Environments

Ian Moss
MOS10087500 Microcomputers There are four different types of microcomputer

“Microcomputers can be further divided into different types based on the size of their central processing unit” This is how one computer like a laptop would be defined from towered because of the CPU that is housed inside of the towered computer. Scribd.com (2009)

Microcomputers will usually have a CPU, keyboard, mouse, big storage space, peripheral units and an operating system and this is how you can tell the difference from a microcomputer and a mainframe computer. Microcomputers will mainly be used for personal use because of the size of the computer and the software that can be stored on them.

A microcomputer will usually be found in a in a home for personal use, however they are now a very common piece of equipment in many workplaces, schools and colleges due to what they can offer in terms of software.

The primary purpose of a microcomputer is so it can be used in day to day life. Microcomputers are now used that often throughout the world they have many purposes it just depends on what the user wants them for, due to the many capabilities of them microcomputers can be used to create websites, play games, make videos, they have so many uses literally too many to list and that’s why I feel they have more than one primary purpose.

Microcomputers are in use in many different places throughout the world today. Schools, colleges and workplaces are the main places that you would find a microcomputer but you would also find probably more than one microcomputer in use in homes around the world due to the immense popularity of them and how easy they are to use and understand. Mobile computers Mobile computers handheld devices that have the capability of being carried around and being used practically anywhere that the user wants to. Mobile devices are capable of accessing the internet from most places in the world due to them being able to send and receive data; most mobile computers are now capable of using 3 and 4G networking for faster results.

Mobile computers are found in many different environments throughout the world now due to the popularity of them. They can be found practically anywhere now from workplaces so emails can be kept on top off, schools and colleges for similar reasons and most people will use them when they are commuting from place to place as they can check on social networking sites. One personal use that I have had is using the navigation system that is on most mobile computer and many others use this as well.

I feel that the main purpose of a mobile computer is so that practically anyone can keep on top of their social and work life from anywhere that they need to now. Emails are probably the biggest part of mobile computing and some are now designed just for the purpose, most mobile computers can now automatically sync and receive emails regularly so they help businesses work more efficiently. “A minicomputer, a term no longer much used, is a computer of a size intermediate between a microcomputer and a mainframe. Typically, minicomputers have been stand-alone computers.” Search400.techtarget.com (2012) These computers over the years have evolved in to mid-range servers which are a less powerful version of main frame computers. Mid-range servers can be very useful to companies as they can use the server to keep all the companies information on and they could also use it with websites to launch their website from. Minicomputers will most likely be used in small or medium size businesses now as servers so they could use them in a smart and efficient way to benefit the company.

The primary purpose nowadays of a minicomputer is to act as a server for small businesses so that they can but all of the information that they need on the server to help the website run efficiently as it can.

Minicomputers are in use in a few different places today. The main place that these computer systems will be found is small or medium size businesses as they can be used for a very good purpose. I think that they could also be used in some small schools to store any information that could be needed to be stored on a server. Minicomputers  A mainframe computer system is a large data system that I capable of many applications. These could be anything from holding thousands of user profiles at one time to even processing financial transactions. Up until a few years back computers of this size would not have real time capabilities due to the size of the data that needed to be processed by the computer, nowadays this is not as much of an issue due to the technological advances. Due to the computers not being real time they would have also struggled to communicate with other systems, for example if a large piece of data was being taken from a mainframe and put on a server it may not have been available on the server for a few days. Mainframe computers would usually be found in pretty big businesses to keep all the files that they need in one place. They would also be used in colleges due to the capabilities of how many users they can hold at one time.

The main purpose of a mainframe computer system is so it can be used by a large number of people at one time. But the purpose of the mainframe could be dependent on which company is using it. If it was a bank it would be to hold many different types of information where as a school would use it mainly for the purpose of having many users on there at one time.

Mainframe computers are usually in use within big companies throughout the world. Most of the mainframe computers will play a central role within companies due to the level of information that can be help by a mainframe computer. I feel the companies that would benefit the most from using mainframes in there company would be banks due to them being to hold mass amounts of customer details. Mainframes Supercomputers are very fast and very expensive types of computers built for a specific purpose. This type of computer works differently to a mainframe computer as the mainframe will use its power to focus on many different programs at one time. The super computer will only focus its power on one or two programs at a time but at a faster rate then mainframes. Supercomputers would not be found in many environments that are really open to the public. Mass organizations would use supercomputers as they would have them designed for the purpose that they need. They could however be found being used by the government due to the fact they can handle mass calculations very quickly.

The purpose of a Supercomputer would be for very big mathematical or scientific calculations in very quick time. Due to the power of supercomputers they are capable of completing very big calculations in very small amounts of time.

Supercomputers are used in a few different environments today this is mainly due to the cost of a supercomputer and only the big companies can afford them. I would say the main place that they are in use today is the met office as they need the computers to make weather predictions based on previous years and the super computers are capable of holding information from many years. Supercomputers "Scribd.com (2009) Types of Micro Computers. [online] Available at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/24127071/Types-of-Micro-Computers [Accessed: 24 Sep 2012]."
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