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Study: Developing Your Memory, Study, and Test-Taking Skills

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Amy Klohn

on 3 April 2018

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Transcript of Study: Developing Your Memory, Study, and Test-Taking Skills

Developing Your Memory, Study, and Test-Taking Skills

Sensory- stores information gathered from the five senses- taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight

Short-Term-active/working memory, holds information for a short amount of time.

Long-Term- information you have heard often, use often and that you see often...you have determined it necessary and/or important
Visualization Techniques
How to study with distractions

Studying in a crunch- "cramming"

Study Groups and Supplemental Instruction

Study Strategies
Pre-test strategies- be organized, review notes, textbook, attend review sessions, form study groups, ask questions

Overview, schedule, and study

Learning style and learning strategies- match study strategies with the way you learn
Test-Taking Strategies
Overcoming test anxiety
"Dispute the Belief" method
Specific strategies for specific subjects

Test preparation
Quick- time response
Lag-time response
Visualizing- mind's eye
Concentrating- stay focused
Relating- associations
Repeating- repeat
Reviewing- remember
Mnemonic Devices
Memory tricks that help put information into your long-term memory

Chapter Reflection
Memory- types and characteristics
Memory strategies
Study Skills and strategies
Overcoming Test Anxiety
Test-taking skills and strategies
Matching Questions
True/False Questions
Multiple-choice Questions
Short-answer Questions
Essay Questions
Online Exams
Types of Test Questions
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