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Statistics Project

No description

Will Gibson

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Statistics Project

Do students' test performance vary depending on whether they take the test in the morning or afternoon? Population The Conclusion Teachers Validity and Bias 3 out of 4 schools are from the same district

Not an equal amount of responses for each subject area

Invalid Because of Lack of Responses Sampling Errors Voluntary Response

Convenience Sample

Undercoverage Sample Size All Teachers at Each Respective High School Survey Introduction Teachers often attribute afternoon classes' higher performance over morning classes to morning students divulging test information to afternoon students Summary San Ramon Valley High School
Monte Vista High School
Dougherty Valley High School
Alhambra High School 57 Responses Survey Implementation To find an answer to our question, we administered an anonymous survey through Schoolloop using Google Docs of high school teachers in our area asking them to give us data on the class averages of their morning and afternoon classes of the same subject Simple Randomized Sample SRS was not used but if it were to be used, we would have randomly assigned numbers to each teacher and randomly generated 10 teachers per subject area Nonsampling Errors Question Wording


Response Bias Adequate/Ideal Sample Size 1000 Teachers 200 Teachers 250 Responses Sample Size was not big enough resulting in an insufficient amount responses What We Learned Flaws Surveys involve a lot of forethought and planning to carry out properly without bias Our results led to the conclusion that in fact contrary to teacher's belief, afternoon classes do not perform better on tests than morning classes. Even when the data was separated by subject, there was no significant performance difference between morning and afternoon classes. Results Margin of Error
7.6% Morning
36% Afternoon
29% Equal
15% Our data was inconclusive with the difference not being statistically significant and well within the margin of error. I.R.
21% Changes for Next Time Larger Sample Group More Responses Data Ethics Bias Validity Yes, our survey was administered using Voluntary Response Yes, our survey was administered to teachers in our area only Yes, we only emailed teachers at schools that we had connections to No, the wording of the survey questions were unbiased Yes, approximately 75% of our population did not respond No, the teachers were most likely truthful in their responses SRS No.
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