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Reading the World - selecting our non-western memoirs

Students in Ms. Ward's 10th grade honors English classes are about to embark on a reading adventure. It's time to pick your SSR book!

Jen Ward

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Reading the World - selecting our non-western memoirs

Reading the World
Still haven't found what you are looking for?
Try this...
Or, how about a story set in Africa?
Our SSR project will focus on non-western memoirs and autobiographies. Memoirs are narrative autobiographies composed of the author’s reflections on his or her personal experiences. You will need to choose a memoir written by a non-western author that is over 200 pages in length. You can either choose one of the books listed here or select a memoir of your choice. Once you have decided upon a book, complete the approval form found in our packet. You will be responsible for obtaining a copy of the text. Your teacher has a number of copies of the texts listed here as do the school and township libraries.
Max as Gandhi
our SSR project
You will need to bring your SSR book to class every Friday.
After you finish reading your SSR novel in eight week's time, you will be asked to put together a 20-minute presentation of your book reflecting on the literary techniques, themes, and structure of the text. Groups will teach their novels to the class, focusing particular attention on a cultural tradition presented in the text. Presentations will take place October 28-30, 2013. We will cover what should be included in your presentations and you will have time in class to prepare for your presentations later this quarter.

So grab your SSR handout and be ready to mark the books you are interested in learning more about.
Books about Chinese culture and traditions:
Or a book about South Asia?
And there are so many memoirs from Central and East Asia, from the Caribbean to Latin America that it is hard to list them all here.
So, here are just a few...
Check out Ms. Ward’s list of new non-western finds on GoodReads –

Use Amazon to search memoirs by country, or
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