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the hijrah of the prophet Muhammad (saw)

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maria albayati

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of the hijrah of the prophet Muhammad (saw)

The hijrah of the prophet Muhammad (saw)
What does hijrah mean?
Why is the hijrah important to Islamic faith?
The emigration to Medinah was a very important step in the development of islam. After hijrah, Prophet Muhammad (saw) was able to concentrate simply on delivering the true message of islam once he was away fom the violence in Makkah. Hijrah also saved the early muslim's from the rain of terror of the Makkans otherwise, the new religion would've perished in the dust of Makkah.
In Islam, hijrah means migration.It refers specifically to Prophet Muhammad's journey to Mecca and Medina that occured in 622 CE.His teachings were not recieved in Mecca and so he fled to Madinah.
Here are some lessons about the hijrah to Mecca and Madinah
our parents
Story time...
In the year 622 A.D., persecution against Muhammad (saw) and his followers became especially brutal. Muhammad (saw) had received a number of threats against his life, including attempted assassinations. In order to protect both himself and his people, Muhammad (saw) sent his followers, which consisted of about 60 separate families, to the town of Yathrib. Muhammad (saw) himself traveled to Yathrib secretly shortly thereafter.

Followers of Islam, known as Muslims, call this the Hijrah. Hijrah means ‘great emigration.’ The year that the Hijrah took place marks the first year of the Islamic calendar, and is the year that most historians consider the beginning of the Islamic era.
Done by: Maria.A and Ibtisan.H
The most important lesson imparted by the Hijra, is the importance of sacrifice in everything that is dear and beloved to us for the sake of maintaining our beliefs and the freedom to practice them.

-Setting Priorities Straight

The Hijra also teaches us that when there is a conflict between worldly interests and the best interest of our souls, we must prefer what will preserve our faith and bring us close to God.

-The Essence of the Reliance on God

The Hijra has also taught us that the essence of tawakkul or the reliance on God consists of taking into consideration the means of fulfilling ends in the world and only then submitting one’s affairs to God.

Word bank...
Something given special attention.
The process of giving careful thought to something.
The central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work
The state of relying on something.
Destroy or give a hard time to certain people for their beliefs and ideals, race, or religion.
Murder of a public figure by surprise attack.
Be composed or made up of.
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