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Daniel Roszik

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Incubation_Presentation

Interface The twofolded process: Projects Incubation Coordination Development Coordination - Ylon

"The guide" to the client...

... and also for the service providers. Ylon is an Toward the Intersoft group Toward the client Toward the financial sources Intersoft Hungary
Intersoft Informatics
Intersoft Consulting
Intersoft Controlling
Offisys Union
- first contact
- basic filtering
- documentation
- analysis
- basic decision
- financial plan
- continous connection Investor
Tender The goal is to provide financial and business solutions with the minimalization of the risks of the investor: Financial advising
Introduction and
operation of
enterprise resource
planning systems
(ERP) and all sort of
IT systems
Warranties based
liability assurances
for our experts The Projects Pannon Recyling Ltd. Electronical waste recycling plant.
25.000 T max. capacity per year.
- iron
- aluminium
- copper
- plastic. At the beginning... The work through consultancy: - financial plan
- Microsoft Navision
- accounting
- payroll
- bookkeeping
- IT network
- raw material
- project company Who they were? Ylon
ALP Concord Major learning points during the incubation: - necessity of enlarged information exchange

- further clearity of roles/rules

- involvment of external investor of the project By now...: - final phase of the international contracting
- most service providing contracts are signed or agreed
- cooperation in the raw material providing
- financing is prepared
- leasing contracting is in final stage. Ongoing projects Enaptec s.r.o. 12 M EURO Starch Ltd. 152 M EURO Shopping-chain acquisition 12 M EURO X-Duna Ltd. 4 M EURO Loan Monitoring 135 M EURO 2000 Real estates
and toward a pool of service providers "The guide" "The metaproject" Development -
interaction of the Intersoft group

Gathering information on the system

Channeling the information

Giving feed-back to the system

- preliminary discussions
- providing the existing documentation
- analysis
- feed-back
- contracting
- restructuring (project company)
More in details about one example of the projects Hungary Consulting Controlling Informatika Offisys Ylon book-
keeping project
companies expert
insourcing media national
commerce incubation
as a method - majority owner of the holding

- leadership

- general project management construction tax
advising The informatical expert:

- process mapping, analysis, optimalization

- business process maintenance

- planning, realization of IT systems
- including education and follow up

- complete development and execution
of special software solutions

Expert on Enterprise Resource Planning systems:

- distributor, translator and developper of the Hungarian version of SunSystems

- distributor, developper and constultant for the major ERP systems (Infor, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP)

- management for the field of corporate finance and accounting Expert in controlling functions:

- financial advising

- accounting

- payroll

- bookkeeping Expert in IT hardware:

- provides the service background for the Intersoft group and for the incubated projects

- complete planning and development of local and
national networks Fincancial advising:

- corporate financing
- project financing
- project management service providers
(within the Intersoft group)

service providers
(from the "pool") - field experts

- operational management
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