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My #NCCE2014 takeaways for #csd49

My notes and thoughts on the sessions and workshops I attended at the 2014 NCCE Conference.

Alfonso Gonzalez

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of My #NCCE2014 takeaways for #csd49

My #NCCE2014 takeaways for #csd49
Al González
"Tech won't solve everything.
Tech won't fix your school."
Project-Based Learning

Our learners are more authentically engaged OUTSIDE of school. That has to change.
The learner has changed--If we don’t change, we will become irrelevant.
This was my favorite session of the whole conference! The CSI msytery was very engaging and fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the twist in the end! I plan to do it with my 8th graders!
Tech Tools
Knowing that the technology is NOT the emphasis or the solution to our problems, we still need to familiarize ourselves with what is available so that we can choose the right tools for the appropriate tasks. A teacher's tool belt must always be full!
In the 90's we worked to get a 1:4 or a 1:3 computer to student ratio.
In the 2000's we strove to get a computer in every child's hands for a 1:1.
Now, in the 2010's the reality is that people need and use multiple devices for different jobs! So now we live in a 3:1 or even a 4:1 world!

We cannot count on any ONE device to rule them all.
Discovery Education: Tech Books
A good resource for Digital Texts
Using the mechanics of gaming to engage kids and tap into the learning that takes place while gaming.
Badges are another aspect of Gamification
Badges need to be used as a rich feedback loop to show skills learned NOT as external motivators.
Traditional grades serve more as rewards and punishments than feedback. Points are averages of averages instead of like in a game where points are earned for reaching an objective regardless of how many times it took you, regardless of how many times you failed, regardless of how many mistakes you made to finally achieve the objective.
Mozilla Open Badges
Make Badges
Game-Based Learning

The difference between gamification and game-based learning is that you can gamify your class without having kids play any actual games. Teach your content as usual, just employ gaming mechanics.
Game-based learning, on the other hand, is the use of games, which could include education games or commercial off the shelf (COTS) games, to teach concepts or skills.
My Fave Quotes
Eric Sheninger
Gary Stager
A great STEAM Project Example!
The goals for any device or any app:
iPad Apps used to create:
Explain Everything
iPad App used to collaborate and curate around readings:
Don't find the time to learn and grow,
make the time.
Make your brand. What do you want your
brand to convey?
Your stakeholders want to see your children
doing important and significant work.
How will you rewrite your school playbook?
Young people have a remarkable capacity for intensity.
Imbalance in intensity can lead to misbehavior. Balance it to help kids reach their potential.
Making things give students the ability to engage in authentic learning.
Current changes in computing:
1. Fabrication
2. Physical Computing
3. Programming
We as educators can stop sorting kids into winners and losers.
Making simple things easy to do makes the complex possible. Kids should use calculators, Google, and Wolfram Alpha (it's not cheating to do so).
NCCE Conference Wiki for all sessions and workshops.
Beyond the Chalk CSI Presentation
21st Century Teaching Ideas
Evernote Document from NCCE
Gamification Preso from RSCON4
Pic from NCCE
Pic from NCCE2014
Pic from Bill Ferriter
Pic from Eric's Preso
Pic from Eric's Preso
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