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Journey by thatgamecompany

How Journey changed perspective in the world of video games

Dana Wang

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Journey by thatgamecompany

A Game Changer In History
by Anna Park & Dana Wang

The Making of
by thatgamecompany
portrays our life cycle from birth, to death
"Lingering is longer than playtime"
Many had said that
moves the heart of the players
It is really well-made game and visual and play system also quite beautiful and clean
Created a bond between players no other game has done before
The emotional connection between the anonymous Travelers, together they will face an unforgettable journey to the mountain.
Introduction & Background of

Introduction of

Purpose of

How Is
a Game Changer


Videos, Pictures & Gameplay

Works Cited
Introduction of
The company was founded in the Spring of 2006, located in Los Angeles, California

Jenova Chen & Kellee Santiago are the co-founders of the company

The goal of the company is to create a timeless interaction that makes positive changes to the human psychology worldwide through games

The company's team only consists of 14 members total. Not a typical big group like the
Blizzard Entertainment
Brief Background of the Co-Founders
Jenova Chen
Kellee Santiago
Born in Shanghai, China
Did not have an English name so he named himself after Jenova from
Final Fantasy VII
(antagonist in the game, kinda)
Birthday: October 8, 1981
Studied at the University of Southern California
Visionary designer for the award winning
, and
Selected as one of the
Most Creative Entrepreneurs in Business"

Fast Company
Made the list of the
World's Top Innovators Under the Age of 35"

in 2008
Born in Caracas, Venezuela
Also studies at the University of Southern California, received her MFA in 2006
Announced her leave from
in 2012
Now the Head of Developer Relations for OUYA (
Video Console System)
Named as one of the top most influential women in technology by
Fast Company
in 2011
The Game Director, Jenova Chen, sensed that all the games made in the game industry were only focused on male audiences
Majority of games were made for the players to cause violence and do mischievous actions to objects in the game world or to other players within the game
Chen played many MMO's, he saw that players online only cared about killing each other, beating the bosses, and dividing the loots
Never really made an emotional connection with the players, felt more lonely even though the game is engaging "connection" with players worldwide
Players online are not "friends" but only a tool to gain benefits from the game
Eliminated gears, armors, and attack skills that sets the boundaries and classification between players
Wanted a simple but broad and hazardous environment for the players to depend on each other
With the large desert setting, the players become small & vulnerable thus making the players' main focus to shift from other distractions to the other player
The Journey Begins
Purpose of

To create a strong sense of emotional connection between two players throughout the whole game

Connect and care for an anonymous player

Work as a team to share and gain resources

Eliminating all hostility from another player in a gaming environment

Change how people view the world

Change how people view video games
How is
a Game Changer
The Theory Behind
Pictures & Gameplay
Works Cited
Pictures & Gameplay Continue
Underground Passage
Cloth Whale
Sunken City
Ancient Glyph
The Tower of Light
The Summit
The last
Ancestor Sequence
The Tower of Light Platform

Made in 2005 for the PC

Made in 2006 for the PC & PS3

Made in 2009 for the PS3

Made in 2012 for the PS3
All Games Made By



Takahashi, Dean. "An Interview with Jenova Chen: How Journey’s Creator Went Bankrupt and Won Game of The year." VentureBeat. N.p., 8 Feb. 2013. Web. 25 Apr. 2015.

Nava, Matthew, and Adam Adamowicz.
The Art of Journey
. Los Angeles, CA: Bluecanvas, 2012. Print.
Pictures & Gameplay Continue
Title Screens
White Robes
Companions Met
Along the Way
White Robe
Call of Duty: Black Ops
The Last of Us
The Fall of
went bankrupt after making
was supposed to be a 2-year-project
Sony was generous enough to give the company 1 extra year to complete
and make it better
Most of the developers & employees were laid off but some came back because they still needed a job
For half of the last year in development, most of the developers were not paid for their hard work
The company did make their money back eventually later on
Many that played the game were emotionally moved and sent letters to thank the company for their work and the experience they had with the game
At the end, Jenova Chen had no regrets and said it was all worth it
The crew wearing their
The End of This Journey...
Thank you everyone for listening and not falling asleep.
Kite Ninja
Wing Ninja
Cloth Ninja
How is
a Game Changer Continue
Developing Process

was made with PhyreEngine
Jenova Chen was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki,
Studio Ghibli
Wanted his games to have the free soaring/flying sensation like the Miyazaki films
's first playable character was made entirely out of cubes. He was named "Dude" throughout the rest of the development stage
Twenty-five people were asked to play test the game
The play testers wanted to push each other of the ledge or cliff when the physics were on
The developers had to turn off the physics so the testers could not harm each other
Three out of the twenty-five play testers cried when playing the final product of the game
With that, Jenova Chen knew that
was ready to be shipped
A Thank You Letter From a Fan
The gameplay is focused more on the human emotions rather than competing with other players or the violence element in the game

The lack of dialog and no ways to communicate with other players made the game more universal to play with. The only way to communicate is through a simple singing tone

There is a religious & cultural back story in the game as the character uncovers little by little. Everyone can somewhat relate to that religious or spiritual aspect of every culture

The co-op characters come and go as you play. There is no way to tell who is controlling the other character, thus making the gameplay and other character more mysterious and interesting

The gameplay also focus reliability and dependability on the other player in different situations in the game, causing the players to bond and have an emotional connection that you don't see in many other games
Other Fun Facts
is one of the most fast selling games ever on the PSN (Play Station Network)
No exact sales of
but it has been sold enough to be profitable $$$
Jenova Chen named himself after Jenova (the main antagonist, kinda) from
Final Fantasy VII
Chen gets his inspiration from watching Studio Ghibli films, his favorite movie is
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
There are few glitches in the game, one of the glitch, the player many fly up a small sand curtain and rise above where the Sunken City level is to see the amazing view and roam around in the city to see its structures and hidden secrets
Only way to use this glitch is to have the White Robe
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