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Book Project: The Blood of Olympus

No description

Nivvi Dasari

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Book Project: The Blood of Olympus

This book is about 5 kids who are parents are Greek/ Roman gods. The kids are demi-gods(half-gods). The main kids in this book are Nico, Jason, Reyna, Leo, and Piper. Their main quest in this book, and the rest of them, is not to get killed. Also they have to make sure that their camps,where they train, don't fight against each other. Who is making the camps fight against each other? Why are they making them fight against each other? Read the previous books and this one to find out.
Book Premise
Protagonist #4: Leo
Leo is the son of Hephaestus or Vulcan. Leo has a special power. He can stand/create fire and not die. Now that I say it's not special. Everyone can do that right? Other than being irrestiable to fire, he is just another scrawny little kid. He just gets teased a lot by other demi god kids. Leo fits with everyone else because he would do anything for his friends.
Protagonist #5: Piper
Piper McLean is the daughter of Aphrodite or Venus. Piper like Leo has a special talent that we all have. She can charmspeak anything or anyone. I know a lot of people do that today. Piper is also an optimist. She would do anything for her friends.
Protagonist #3: Reyna
Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano is the daughter of Bellona. Bellona is the Roman goddess of war. Reyna is recently introduced. She has problems in her love life at first but lets go. Reyna is different because she likes to fight wars. She is like Jason and Nico because she does anything for her friends.
Book Project: The Blood of Olympus
Jason Grace is the son of Zeus or Jupitar. He suffered from memory loss. Jason, unlike us, actually had memory loss. He recently got it back. He has a lot of concussions and doesn't try to avoid them. Jason, like Nico,does a lot of fighting and will do anything for his friends. Lots of people would do anything for their friends.
Protagonist #1: Nico
Author: Rick Riordian
Project: Nivvi Dasari
Nico is a son of Pluto or Hades. Nico risks his life to save his friends. We sometimes see this acts of bravery in our lives too. Nico has a lot of conflicts in his love life and his regular life. He gets super tired by shadow traveling and fighting monsters. It gets annoying for the little guy. Nico is a nice person and hepls his friends as much as he can.
Protagonist #2: Jason
The main antagonist in this story is Gaea, or the Mother Earth. She wants to destory the Greek and Roman camps. If the two camps are destroyed then her family can take overthe world.
Writing Style
This specific book does not fit the hero's journey. If you look at the whole series it fits better with hero's journey. It's like having mac and cheese not just macoroni or just cheese. Or like peanut butter and jelly not just peanut butter or just jelly.
The intened audience the author wrote for is yound adult. He has a lot of references to other books that young adults read. Like the Hunger Games. The sentenace structure in the story is short and simple. It isn't hard to understand sentenaces. The chapters are divided into different points of views of the characters. Hence the reason for 5 different protagonists. It's written in thrid-person limited.
I think people should read the whole series before reading this book. It's like reading Allegiant before reading Divergent. I feel this book/ series is a nice one and that people should read.
Cute/ Funny Pics
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