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World War I

No description

Daniel Kim

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of World War I

World War I
By Mr. Kim
"The War to END all Wars..."

Through the benefits of the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, European countries formed massive
and built up stockpiles of

never before seen
Browning M1917
Across Europe the size and power of armies and navies were rising sharply in an
Arms Race
WWI Tank
Militarism is the
glorification and rapid expansion of a country's military
177 mm Cannon had a 19,000 to 25,000 yard range. More than double its predecessors
The machine gun completely
changed war strategies
with its new and devastating power to shoot
rounds per minute and kill hundreds
It was the first time
armored vehicles
were used in battle. They effectively rendered the warhorse useless
This new type of advanced warfare forced combatants on both sides to adopt a new type of strategy:
Trench Warfare
(and an example of early idealism about the war)
Who wants to go home when you can stay and fight in comfort?
Trenches were basically two things:
Question of the day: What happens to your fingers when they're in water too long?
Pruney Fingers!!
Now what happens to your feet when they're in putrid, rotting, waste infested, stagnant trench water for too long?
Trench Foot!!
Soldiers had to routinely check and clean their feet before infection set in
The trenches were filled with
decomposing bodies,
and were infested with rats, fleas, and lice. To add to the misery, the trenches were often filled with the
soldiers' own waste
Trench Warfare was a
reaction to advanced weaponry
. The archaic, shoulder to shoulder battle formations were
no longer viable for battle
Instead soldiers would be in their trenches, waiting for orders to charge across
No Man's Land
, into the opposing side's trenches. It was a suicide mission
Fix Bayonets!!
The whistle sounds and "Over the Top"
No Man's Land was a field of
barbed wire and land mines
between two trench lines where anyone caught in the open was cut down by
machine gun fire
WWI also introduced the first use of chemical warfare in the form of poison gas, including
Mustard gas
Chlorine gas
The Cost?
soldiers killed
Allied Casualties:
Central Power Casualties:
The constant and torturous threat of being bombed and killed in a trench had vicious physical and psychological effects on the survivors:
Shell Shock
Wet and uncomfortable
As a response to the growing Militarism in Europe, nations began to
form alliances to protect themselves
So with the
Triple Alliance
made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, France, Russia, and Great Britain formed their own
Triple Entente
Sound Familiar?
Imperialism was the quest of the European powers to
take over
as much of the world as they could
Pink countries represent countries invaded by Great Britain
Anytime a
stronger nation
took over a
weaker one
, it created an
Finally, Nationalism is the
strong devotion or love of one's own country
. This led to tensions as rival countries struggled for power
In the summer of 1914 the nations of Europe willingly went to war expecting a brief, and neat war that would, "Clear the air."
They were terribly wrong
In fact, the
"Great War"
became one of the bloodiest, tremendously destructive wars in human history.
The war is generally felt by scholars to mark a
great break, or turning point
in Western History. The difference between Europe of 1914, and Europe of 1920 is vast!
So like most overly grand, convoluted themes and events of world history, the
myriad causes of WWI
have been well documented and discussed over the years
The official "SPARK" that started the war was:
Gavrilo Princip of the
Black Hand
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Oh and his wife, Sophia
This guy was Serbian
Franz was the Heir to the Austrian-Hungary Throne
After his death Austria basically
demanded Serbia give up its rights as a state
to Austria, which Serbia failed to do. Austria mobilized their army and declared WAR
Unfortunately the war was not contained within Austria-Serbian borders, and spilled viciously throughout Europe.
Through remnants of the age of Romanticism, military conquest and war was considered
, and
Europe was about to witness some of the ominous flaws of science, logic, and reason championed throughout Europe
"The officers were in front. I noticed one of them walking calmly, carrying a walking stick. When we started firing, we just had to load and reload. They went down in their hundreds. You didn’t have to aim, we just fired into them."
Musketier Karl Blenk, 169th Regiment
Battle of the Somme
The cost in lives of Trench warfare was staggering:
It was an inefficient stalemate that included hundreds of miles of
blood-soaked earth
. Trench lines rarely moved, and a few miles of conquered land would costs thousands of lives.
"We see men living with their skulls blown open; we see soldiers run with their two feet cut off....still the little piece of convulsed earth in which we lie is held. We have yielded no more than a few hundred yards of it as a prize to the enemy, but on every yard there lies a dead man."
All Quiet on the Western Front - 1929
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